The Online Marketing Database – Webinar Recap

Brian DeaganMuch of my presentation during last Friday's webinar, Taking Shape: The Online Marketing Database, focused on real-world approaches and best-practices you can use to get your online marketing database up and running successfully.

The first thing I covered is precisely what an online marketing database looks like. Once defined, I discussed how you can dramatically streamline implementation utilizing web services to integrate it with your existing systems, data sources, and online marketing infrastructure.

After touching on the role of the online marketing database, we discussed the following 4 keys to success:

  1. The importance of selecting a unified data model and not trying to cobble The Online Marketing Database together
  2. Having robust segmentation tools available to synthesize data and enable scalable segmentation strategies
  3. Tightly integrating content execution platform(s) to make data more actionable and marketing operations more agile
  4. Incorporating easy-to-use testing tools to ensure campaigns and experiences are optimized for top performance

Last, we ended with a case study where we put our own principles and platform into practice to promote the webinar. The objective of our own campaign was to increase sign ups for our webinar. I won’t give everything away, but we had a whopping 81% conversion rate on our most personalized, and relevant messaging.

As I mentioned in my post Wednesday, this subject often brings with it undue complexity. I hope the webinar is helpful in cutting through the complexity, and offers a level of clarity on how these concepts are put into practice.

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