Monthly Archives: February 2012

Online Retail Forecast is Sunny

I find it interesting how consumers, who just a few years ago were afraid to type a card number into a computer, are now embracing the eCommerce like never before. On Monday, Forrester Research Inc. released its “US Online Retail Forecast, 2011 To 2016” report (by analyst Sucharita Mulpara). Things look good. eCommerce sales topped […]

Tips for Marketers: An introduction to HTML tables

Originally, HTML tables had one obvious purpose – to display tabular data. But the introduction of border=”0” gave designers a more aesthetically pleasing way to layout content and more control over it. In the late 1990s, this was more or less salvation for Web designers. The ability to control how and where you could position […]

Knotice Happenings: Winter Edition

It’s been a busy new year here at Knotice. On an official front, we announced our partnership with Gigya that lets you seamlessly infuse the wealth of permission-based social identity information (such as Facebook likes, check-ins, and interests) with existing customer data and cross-channel activity (such as purchase history, clicks, and search activity) within Concentri. […]

Creating Great Email Headlines

Email is a great direct digital marketing tool. Marketers are always on the lookout for ways to improve their campaigns and one area of focus should be the headline of the email. The goal of a headline is not to sell and not to yell (though some may appear to do both), but to pull […]

More Tips for Writing Better Email Subject Lines

Email remains the catalyst of an integrated, cross-channel marketing approach, so a high-performing subject line becomes essential for ensuring those open rates. About a year ago, I wrote on this topic, sharing with you my “5 C’s”. Now let’s look at ways to make those few words even stronger. “Choose me! Choose me!” When you […]

The Creative Process: Back to the Drawing Board

Most of the time, a designer’s creative process remains the same regardless of what the project is. Web, mobile, newsletter, logo – it doesn’t matter. Everyone has a certain way of doing things. But regardless of how people work, the creative process should always start the same way – with a full understanding of the […]

Tips for Getting the Most Out of QR Codes

There have been many questions surrounding the use of QR codes recently: Is the QR code dead/dying? Why aren’t marketers embracing it? And many more… A question on many minds is ‘Are QR codes not as accepted as they could be (here in the US) because marketers haven’t grasped the idea of offering an appropriate […]

Explore the Power of Uniting the Channels

As campaign messages overlap and channels begin to blur, marketers need to rethink how to best reach consumers with the right message at the right moment. Providing a seamless cross-channel brand experience is now a necessity for marketers. We’re pleased to announce that we are sponsoring a webinar tomorrow that will give marketers actionable insights […]

Juicy Morsels from Email Summit 2012

When I couldn’t type fast enough, I switched to notebook and pen. And by the end of the second day of sessions at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2012, my overworked pen had virtually exploded, bleeding purple on fingers unrelenting, scribbling page after page of high-value insights captured from hours of juicy presentations. My notebook could […]

This isn’t a Review of Super Bowl Ads

For the past couple years, I’ve taken a Monday Morning Quarterback look at the overall acknowledgement and, for the most part, perceived missed opportunities of the brands investing in ads during the Super Bowl. Most of my assessment was based on the comparative numbers (110mm people watching the game, 40%+ US households represented in audience, […]