Wise Words on Content Marketing

I love content marketing. So imagine my schoolgirl giddiness when I had the chance to attend the one and only Content Marketing World this week in Cleveland. With so much excellent content about, well, content, I chose to focus this post on some interesting nuggets of wisdom from Jay Baer from the Tuesday morning opening session:

Consumers are hyper-connected: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Consumers have access to all information at all times. They’re also hyper-researching everything they do. In fact customers usually consult around 10 pieces of information before making a purchase decision. So how do you stand out? The trick is to provide enough content in varied formats so they can find you and feel confident when choosing to do business with you.

Provide information for everything: Be useful to your prospects, Baer suggests. He even goes so far as to suggest answering every possible question beforehand so that once your customers arrive, all they have to do is focus on having a great time. Something else to keep in mind: If you think you’re providing enough information to your customers, you’re probably not. More is better.

No one like being hassled: No one likes filling out those “contact us” forms. Why? Even if they have an interest in a company, they just don’t want to be hassled by a salesperson. In the B2B space, roughly 70% of prospects make a buying decision before even talking to a salesperson. Customers are secretly shopping you all the time. If they have to call you to figure out why they should buy from you, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s not about selling: It’s about teaching. No one cares about your products and services. Seriously. What they do care about is how you can help them. Solve as many problems as you possibly can in a customer’s life – not just the problems they have with your product. How do you find out what they need? Use your data.

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