Fun Facts on Big Data 2013

Patti RennerWith the explosion of information being gathered and used, it’s time to take a fresh look at even more fun facts on Big Data. Enjoy!
4.4 million – The number of jobs that Big Data demand will reach by 2015 (Gartner Research).
42% – Percentage of marketers surveyed in early 2013 who have or who plan to invest in big data technology this year.

500% – Percentage of increase in the number of big data questions industry analysts fielded in Q1 2013 vs. Q1 2012.

45 million – number of online shoppers’ clickstream data that Walmart analyzes each month. “As a result, it was able to provide each individual customer with choices that would be attractive to them, increasing the number of online shoppers completing transactions by between 10% and 15%.” (Gartner, 2013)

$2 billion – Estimated number of dollars Visa identifies as potential fraud to address before the money is lost, thanks to its “analytic engine” that powers their advanced use of data. (Wall Street Journal, March 2013)

1,826 petabytes (or 1,826,000 terabytes) – Amount of data and information the internet carries each day.

80% – percentage of all US email addresses stored and used for marketing by a single provider.

3.6 million megabytes annually – the estimated amount of data that will be produced by a typical office worker in 2015 (includes downloaded movies, word files, emails, etc.)

200 million – the number of photos being shared by Snapchat every day. (Welcome the new app, SnapSave, that captures Snapchat messages without the sender knowing.)

7 – Number of vendor companies featured in the recent Forrester Wave report on Data Management Platforms. Get your copy now.

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