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Knotice at Forrester’s Marketing Leadership Forum

The Knotice team will be hitting the road next week for Forrester’s Marketing Leadership Forum in Los Angeles. The event will focus on how marketing must survive and thrive in the age of the customer by examining things like leveraging your data within a unified data environment to increase customer engagement, social marketing and more. […]

Creating Segments with Your Data

The drive for brands to better engage across channels is in high gear – getting the right message (content, offers, options, etc.) to the right person at the right moment with seamless consistency across channels. With so many different messages targeting so many different audiences through so many different routes – having the right solution […]

Compact Privacy Policy: A Breakdown

Almost every web site you visit has a link to their privacy policy hidden in tiny type in the footer of their pages. But who reads them? Fortunately, your browser is ready and willing to jump in and make sure the privacy policies you’re encountering on the web meet your preferences for web interactions – […]

Are Flash Cookies Really Evil?

The new privacy hot topic on the web is Flash cookies. Are they really an evil plot to steal your private information and share it with the world? No, not really. But they certainly are not like regular cookies – and they can do some pretty sneaky stuff. They also are not all that new. […]

Approach to Data Differentiates ESPs

Email is sometimes a forgotten direct digital marketing channel. While it is core to any customer experience a brand tries to create, basic email capabilities are a commodity. Email is essentially bucketed in two primary categories - blast campaigns and dynamic/relevant campaigns. A mix of both is good, and good ESPs do both expertly. Dynamic […]

The Professional Influence Audit

Do not be scared by the word audit. Sometimes audits, in the right context of course, are a good thing because they freshen thinking and renew perspective. It makes sense to take a step back from the daily grind and constant push of a fast-paced career in marketing to review what content, and which people, […]

Analyzing Sales Figures from Cyber Monday 2009

One of the most important aspects of business is the proper management of expectations. The media, at times, fails to manage expectations very well (though in defense of the media, moderate expectations do not sell). As a result, predictions about the impact of and total sales figures from Cyber Monday in 2009 were out in […]

Un-Abandoning the Shopping Cart

How often have you been shopping in a store and just flat left your cart full of stuff and walked out? Maybe once or twice, but probably not that often. Yet, shoppers do it all the time when they are shopping online. What's the difference? Chances are, when you are in the bricks-and-mortar store, you […]

Marketers: Listen to Consumer Preferences

What a great age we live in as marketers! More than ever before it is easy to collect information about our customers and the general consumer. It is easier because consumers are quick willing to share it. The problem is that marketers historically demonstrate a very poor ability to listen to what consumers are trying […]

Triggered Multi-Channel Direct Digital Marketing

Marketers are always seeking new ways to communicate relevant events to their target audience, with email playing the role of the gold standard and mobile the hot upcoming prospect. Historically marketers have encountered many challenges to triggered event based email and mobile marketing communications. The marketer must understand first how to get customers and prospects […]