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Your Targeting Wish is Concentri's Command

Last Friday, Paul discussed how we use web services to get timely and accurate data into our platform, Concentri. This approach, combined with Concentri's tracking snippet to capture onsite behavior, lets interactive marketers automate a large portion of their inbound data collection. Today, I'm going to touch on new features in our upcoming release that […]

Top Online Marketing Trends for MSOs

Knotice has the honor to work with several top-tier Broadband and Telecommunications companies throughout North America. Let's be honest - this is a vertical category in which online marketing has lagged a few years behind the leading edge. This isn't without good reason, however. Can I honestly tell a Cable operator that they need to […]

Surviving Online Marketing Innovation

Survival of the fittest. Ever since Darwin hopped on an exploratory cruise and developed his ideology in the mid-19th Century, economists and scientists alike have been applying it to just about anything that moves…including the increasingly elusive movements of the “invisible hand.” In the online space, its best application is to the behavioral targeting (BT) […]

Good Data Can Actually Take Less Time

We're all about relevancy and message optimization here at Knotice. At the end of the day, that requires timely, accurate data to drive targeted interactive marketing. If the data isn't good, the targeted marketing won't be either. Unfortunately, for so long, it's taken a lot of work to get good data. I think this continues […]

Online Budgets Must Support In-Store Buying

Plenty of research released over the years has documented that even as more and more shoppers make use of the internet, people still like to make final decisions and purchases at retail. These are commonly referred to as cross-channel shoppers. The typical behavior pattern is for the cross-channel shopper to use the internet to research […]

Verizon Is Trying to Kill Mobile Marketing

I bet there's gold in that goose. We've all heard Aesop's fable about the goose that laid the golden eggs. It was my first thought when I heard about Verizon's potential plan to raise the per message rate on commercial SMS messages by $0.03 per message. As a refresher, a farmer with a goose that […]

Meet The Developers

We talk a great deal on this blog about how we feel about this online marketing industry, our beliefs about mobile marketing, email marketing, onsite and other behavioral targeting and the industries of many of our clients. We're going to add another voice, another perspective, to our blog that I think many of you loyal […]

101: Understanding Digital Cookies…Yum

I didn't know that much about cookies when I first started at Knotice. I thought they were one of two things: A scrumptious sugary treat, or something that was bad for your computer. I had to realize what a cookie actually did when it came to the online world, and the difference between the different […]

Is "Small Ball" A Good Online Marketing Strategy?

In positive economic times, marketing efficiency is a back-burner proposition - whether we admit it or not. In positive economic times, has your organization ever said, "Let's put this revenue-generating, goal-meeting campaign on hold until we can architect a more efficient model." Mmm…I haven't heard that one yet. This is, of course, hyperbole. But, it […]

Presidential Politics iPhone App – Review

In an earlier post, I faulted Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign for missing the boat on their VP announcement via text message. My point was that they had failed to use the “new” medium to it potential. I still think that was a fair criticism, but the Biden pick is old news at this point. Now […]