Monthly Archives: April 2010

May is Marketing Month

May has been dubbed "Marketing Month" by, and Knotice was requested to contribute some expert advice for's "May is Marketing Month" resource center. Josh Gordon, Knotice's Director of Marketing, got in front of the camera to provide three pieces of expert advice on online retail marketing. Mobile marketing continues to be a hot […]

Tips For Choosing an SMS Mobile Vendor

You are choosing a mobile marketing vendor (kindly referred to as an Application Service Provider - ASP - in Forrester Research’s recent Market Overview of SMS Mobile Campaign Vendors). It is a confusing process because there are a bunch of different companies with a bunch of different - and sometimes overlapping - capabilities. Try not […]

2010 Forrester Marketing Forum, Brand Adapted

For my money, the most impressive presentation at the 2010 Forrester Marketing Forum, without a doubt, was the presentation from Nickelodeon CMO Pamela Kaufman. Her obvious zeal for both the brand, and the brand adaption project showed through, and her enthusiasm inspired the group in attendance. Adapting a marketing organization at the corporate level is […]

2010 Forrester Marketing Forum, Adapt with Data

As I mentioned in my post Wednesday, the theme of the 2010 Forrester Marketing Forum is how marketing organizations can – and should – adapt. The first keynote for the forum, from senior Forrester analyst David Cooperstein, provided the context for what adaptive marketing means. Unsurprisingly, the primary theme of his keynote revolved around social […]

2010 Forrester Marketing Forum, Adapt and Connect

I am excited to say that the 2010 version of the Forrester Marketing Forum is once again upon us. The theme stringing this year's content together is "adaptive marketing" - that is, the idea that a marketing organization must be lithe, constantly adapting its practices to the ever-changing preferences and location of the consumer. As […]

Marketers, Get Better at Reaching Moms

My Mother was right about everything! And she'll be the first one to tell you that! And why shouldn't she? Mothers have fully earned the right to share their knowledge and express their opinions. Lucky for us, social networking was born. Now, not only can we share our knowledge/opinions with our friends, we can share […]

Predict Mobile’s Future by Looking Back

I wrote a blog post here on The Lunch Pail about Google's Android almost two years ago (June 2008). Specifically, the post was about the need for multi-tasking on mobile phones. It's nice to hear that Apple is finally making it available in OS 4.0. Given the timeliness of Apple's announcement, it makes sense to […]

Designing to the Device… Apple v. BlackBerry

Even though Google's Android platform is the new kid on the block and has great features like open-source code capabilities along with Google API access, the mobile application market - until recently - has featured only two major device prize-fighters: Apple and BlackBerry. Sorry Microsoft, you are not in contention yet. I do not want […]

Agency Shifts Underscore Mobile Competition

For another sign in a seemingly endless number of signs that mobile marketing is extremely important to the future of marketing and advertising read about what is happening in the ongoing advertising battle between the two largest wireless carriers in the U.S., AT&T and Verizon. AT&T spent $1.87 billion on media that used actor Luke […]

Knotice’s Latest Software Release Notes

Since Knotice recently published our latest release notes to our loyal customers we are going to share a brief summary of those notes with our loyal Lunch Pail readers. This space is devoted to tips and tricks on executing great direct digital marketing, so it makes sense to share how direct digital marketing software evolves, […]