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Making Sense of Mobile Marketing Strategy

In the previous two posts for mobile week I focused on clarifying many of the available tactics and technologies under the large "mobile marketing" umbrella and analyzed the various audiences that are reached through each mobile channel. All of this helps inform the greater task of defining a mobile marketing strategy. Mobile marketing is especially […]

Making Sense of the Mobile Audience

It’s Mobile Week on the Lunch Pail. Each of the week’s posts will focus on important aspects of mobile marketing. Today’s installment defines the mobile audience. Enjoy! In part one of Mobile Week on Monday I provided a high-level breakdown of the tactical channels that fall under the "mobile marketing" umbrella. On Friday I'll wrap […]

Making Sense of the Mobile Marketing Landscape

Welcome to Mobile Week on the Lunch Pail. Each of this week’s posts will focus on important aspects of mobile marketing, beginning with today’s installment defining the mobile marketing landscape. Don’t miss the next post entitled, “Making Sense of the Mobile Audience.” Enjoy! The online marketing universe is filled with discussion about mobile as an […]

Project Communication, Translating Technical Jargon

Project managers often act as translators between technical and non-technical project team members. For example, team members all use English as their first language, but they can encounter communication problems when conveying project expectations due to the differences in design vocabulary and technical vocabulary. It is important that non-technical people feel they are intelligent and […]

101: What is Universal Profile Management?

When I first started at Knotice, I did not know what universal profile management is. I also didn't have a clue about the value of having a universal profile management system, and how it made a bunch of new segments and multi-channel marketing strategies possible. Since I had confusion on this subject, I felt that […]

Shopping Cart Portage: An Optimization Proposal

In the eCommerce universe few metrics are as deeply scrutinized as shopping cart abandonment. There are as many experts, agencies, and consultancies working on optimizing shopping cart performance and conversion rates as there are reasons for online consumers to mysteriously vanish mid-transaction. I'm all for shopping cart optimization. Get those cart conversion metrics up! Meet […]

Emily Haase, The Voice of Knotice

If you have ever listened to our example consumer experience, then you have undoubtedly heard the work of Emily Haase. But, there is more to Emily than a lilting voice. She was with Knotice in the very beginning, and now she is back with us as a Technical Project Manager who can not only talk […]

Flexible, Scalable Software Amid Constant Change

In the ever changing landscape of product requirements, infrastructure changes, and good old bug squashing, developers can be caught in the trap of maintaining software rather than improving it. As most developers know, it is hard to design and implement software against a moving target. For quite some time larger applications have been built on […]

Relevance and the Pillars of Direct Digital Marketing

Brian Deagan, the thought-leader behind the increasingly popular marketing term “Direct Digital Marketing,” was featured in Online Strategies Magazine with a piece entitled “The Third Pillar of Direct Digital Marketing.” According to Deagan, the third pillar is mobile marketing. The question begs, “If mobile is the third pillar, what are the first two pillars?” It’s […]

Do Less Data Plans Change Mobile Strategy?

I had a conversation the other day with a client who read the recent eMarketer article assessing the economic downturn's impact on household communications spending - specifically data, voice, and video. Citing a survey by Research Analytics, eMarketer reports, "nearly one-half of respondents (48%) said they would drop the mobile data services completely if forced […]