White Paper: Making Sense of Mobile Marketing

“The mobile space is not merely an extension of the online world and that winning in mobile requires special expertise.”
– Rita Chang, Ad Age, 11/9/2009

Making Sense of Mobile – Finally!
Josh GordonOnce in a great while a strong, helpful document is published in the world of marketing. Marketers certainly publish a large quantity of information about the various disciplines and how incremental improvements help achieve important results. But, all of the massive amounts of marketing information that is published on a daily basis create a lot of noise in the marketplace. Information seekers are left asking questions like, "What can I read to add value?" - and relatively new marketing opportunities are often deemed too complex with the learning curve too steep to conquer.

With those realities in mind, Knotice’s Bryce Marshall has published a white paper on mobile marketing. Bryce is an internationally recognized mobile marketing expert whose insights have been requested on radio programs and several print publications. The paper – entitled Making Sense of Mobile Marketing – is written for those marketers searching for a starting point with mobile marketing, a quick learning curve, or how to take their current efforts from good to great.

The first section of the paper, called “Making Sense of the Mobile Landscape,” accurately communicates the definition of “mobile marketing.” Bryce’s research has led him to the conclusion that many in the world of marketing talk about mobile marketing, but few define it similarly. The term may mean a mobile SMS text message ad campaign to one person, an iPhone app to someone else, or a mobile website to another person. Understanding the various iterations of mobile marketing is vital to leveraging it as a successful marketing communications channel.

Once the mobile landscape is defined, the paper highlights the realities behind the mobile marketing audience. What demographics are using apps? How prevalent is text messaging in comparison to other mobile activities? What percent of the mobile marketplace uses an iPhone? Bryce has uncovered some surprising information to definitively answer these and many other questions about the mobile audience. Bryce reveals that using mobile audience information to drive mobile marketing strategy is extremely important in order to generate real, measurable value for both the end user and the marketing organization.

The final section of the paper is called, “Making Sense of the Mobile Strategy.” Once a working knowledge of tactical mobile opportunities and mobile audience definition is established, strategy development is the next step. Bryce uses a simple equation to determine if a mobile communication is a valuable interaction and if it is able to satisfy campaign objectives. He also demonstrates the natural presence and importance of relevance in any mobile marketing strategy.

Time is short for research and reading as marketers run headlong toward the holiday season – despite the need to understand rapidly developing marketing opportunities like mobile. Making Sense of Mobile Marketing is a must read for anyone beginning to explore mobile marketing or looking for important information to make their current mobile efforts more meaningful to end users and more measurable for the bottom line.

If you have questions for Bryce about the white paper, please post them here and he will respond!

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