5 Interesting Reads for This Week

Casey Barto1. Marketers, do you know your DMPs? In this article from Adage Kate Kaye takes a look at the findings from Forrester’s recent Wave Report on data management platforms.
2. Another Blow to the Do Not Track Working Group: On the heels of Jonathan Mayer’s resignation from the Do Not Track Working Group comes the resignation of Peter Swire, the co-chair of the group. Swire will be serving on President Obama’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technology. AdExchanger has more on his resignation.

3. Customers are more likely to share their personal data when…: They’re giving their information to doctors. This according to an article from MarketingProfs. Overall, consumers say they understand the value of sharing their data, but still feel data mining is invasive. According to the survey, “three-quarters of consumers worldwide say retailers currently miss the mark in targeting them with ads on mobile apps, and 72% do not feel that online promotions or emails they receive resonate with their personal interests and needs.”

4. Do Gmail’s new promotions tab ads violate CAN-SPAM laws? Return Path asks that very question, noting that the ads are unsolicited by consumers and there’s no way to unsubscribe from them. (Though users can opt-out of the targeted ads.)

5. And in non-industry news: You’ve likely heard of cats and dogs that visit hospitals to bring joy to ailing patients, but what about llamas? Meet Marisco and NH Flight of the Eagle, 2 llamas making patients feel better in Washington state.

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