Monthly Archives: April 2012

Closing the Curtains on Bad Mobile Experiences

I recently decided I was going to give my living room a spring makeover, and clear everything out and start from scratch. Already having a love for design, I previously signed up for email and mail from companies such as Restoration Hardware and West Elm. On any given week, they send me approximately 3 – […]

Independent Case Study Highlights Oreck’s Success

Just yesterday, Forrester Research, Inc. released an independent case study detailing how Knotice customer, Oreck, was able to boost ROI with more relevant, effective messaging (generating 10x more revenue on after partnering with us. Their research noted that our Universal Profile Management System allowed Oreck to create a robust warehouse of customer-centric profile data. […]

Tips for self-service marketers: More on HTML tables

Most email clients lack support for recent HTML and CSS technologies, which is why tables are the best way to build entire HTML emails. Tables may be dated, but they’re bulletproof. Every Web browser and email client can read them. In a previous post on more complicated HTML table builds, I looked at a wide […]

Fun Facts on Big Data

One of my favorite parts of attending thought leadership industry events like Forrester’s Marketing Leadership Forum 2012 is all the great trivia and insights you get to bring home with you. Here are a few of my favorite factoids from the event. 90% – Percentage of the world’s data created in the last 2 years. […]

Tablet Use Jumps for Email Engagement

At Marketing Leadership Forum 2012 in Los Angeles yesterday, Forrester senior analyst Melissa Parrish introduced a new expression to describe today’s highly connected consumer, the “Always Addressable Customer.” To join the AAC club, you have to frequently access the Internet from multiple locations daily, owning and using at least three different types of digital access […]

Marketing’s Impact on the Customer Experience

The classic, linear concept of a sales funnel is collapsing – from awareness to conversion was the old (and effective) way of outlining at your marketing plans. However, today’s approach needs to take a broader view of how your prospects and customers engage with your brand. This goes beyond the steady flow of email campaigns […]

More Mobile Design Considerations

No matter what platform you develop for – mobile, desktop, tablet – the game itself never changes. The communications game. The purpose will always be to deliver a message as efficiently and effectively as possible. What does change from platform to platform are the tactics – how you play the game. The quickest path to […]

Knotice at Forrester’s Marketing Leadership Forum

The Knotice team will be hitting the road next week for Forrester’s Marketing Leadership Forum in Los Angeles. The event will focus on how marketing must survive and thrive in the age of the customer by examining things like leveraging your data within a unified data environment to increase customer engagement, social marketing and more. […]

Knotice’s 2nd Half 2011 Mobile Email Opens Report

With nearly half of all phones in US smartphones, the importance for mobile optimized email has never been higher. We’re excited to announce the release of our latest Mobile Email Opens report for the second half of 2011. The report is based on a sampling of 974 million emails sent across 11 industry segments during […]

Four Essentials of Mobile Site Functionality

No other channel has had to distinguish so distinctly between function and design as mobile. Given its small screens, immediate user needs, and some of the unique sensor and computational capabilities that mobility brings to bear, site functionality can drive the perception amplification of design success or failure – even if a site is impeccably […]