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Evaluating Mobile Calls-To-Action, Part 3

On Monday I introduced this week's topic, calls-to-action in mobile marketing. On Wednesday I analyzed the pros and cons of the two primary mobile calls-to-action. Today, let’s take an in-depth look at “QR” or 2D codes, and how the potential for success is very high. Call-to-Action #3: Using a “QR” or 2D code Caution – […]

Evaluating Mobile Calls-To-Action, Part 2

On Monday I introduced this week's topic, calls-to-action in mobile marketing. I mentioned three specific enticements that I would provide a pro/con analysis of. Without further ado, here are the first two. Call-to-Action #1: Entering a URL into a mobile browser Simply, this means inviting a shopper to open their smartphone's browser, call up the […]

Evaluating Mobile Calls-To-Action, Part 1

The promise of mobile marketing has always been about context: marketers providing the right information at precisely the right time and place, for high-value interactions with consumers. It is the factors of time + place that make the mobile channel such a compelling opportunity. For retailers, communicating within the context of time + place usually […]

New Verizon-Alltel Merger Developments

A lot has happened since the completion of the Verizon-Alltel merger in January. With Alltel out of the picture, things have begun to heat up between Verizon and AT&T, and mobile subscribers are beginning to flock to web-enabled smartphones. According to the Justice Department, Verizon must divest assets in 100 markets to prevent the company […]

3 Keys To Implementing Advanced Mobile Tactics

It seems that, of all the various aspects of Direct Digital Marketing, mobile marketing is getting a lion's share of attention lately. It's easy to see why. News from the carriers keeps the industry on their collective toes, whether they are announcing a merger (see Verizon-Alltel), new rates, or enhanced guidelines. All of that news […]

How to Make Software Customer Support Personal

Customer support is crucial to a company's long-term success. While this is an obvious statement, it can be difficult to see that belief manifest itself in the actions of a company. We have all had bad experiences with customer support, and we all view it differently. Some folks like impersonal forms and email loops, others […]

101: A Beginner's Guide To Twitter

Like any new social networking tool, Twitter is rapidly gaining ground. With over six million users, Twitter is the third largest social networking site. Being a (relative) newbie to the digital space, I felt the need to do my homework and figure out where exactly Twitter fits into the world of social networks. In college […]

Viral Email Marketing - An Expert Opinion

Recently our own Amy Chubbuck was asked to lend her opinion to the "Technique" column for DM News. The topic was viral email marketing, a subject that Amy knows very well. The column introduces a subject, then gathers opinions from 4 different industry experts. Below are some excerpts from Amy's opinion. I recommend reading the […]

Happy Birthday, Lunch Pail!

Please join in wishing our humble blog, the Lunch Pail, a very happy first birthday. We could sing, but I'm sure no one wants to hear that. Instead, let's take a look at the best offerings on the Lunch Pail in the last year. Requiring our variety of distinguished digital marketing experts to publish a […]

Swine Flu and the Case of the Contextual Ad

We post a great deal about behavioral targeting on the Lunch Pail under a variety of different, distinguishing banners. There’s network behavioral targeting, onsite behavioral targeting, affiliate networks, relevant content serving, and contextual digital advertising. Contextual digital advertising relies on (so-called) business intelligence to think about and serve up the best ad for the viewer […]