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Developers! Developers! Developers!

A software API can only be great if developers are using it. And developers tend to use and prefer APIs that provide useful, up-to-date and well-rounded documentation. Knotice recently announced the launch of our site specifically for developers, The new site is an extensive resource for integrating with our multichannel marketing software platform, Concentri. […]

Keeping Your Customers After the Rush

My sister is a terrific baker; however, her pies have a strange way of disappearing after the holiday guests are gone. It’s odd really. When you leave a pie on the counter the day after Thanksgiving, the pieces begin to quietly “evaporate.” Perfect tall triangles of congealed fruit and crust soon morph into abstract shapes. […]

GraTECHtude: Technologies We Appreciate Most

We’ve got a lot be thankful for here at Knotice. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving, allow us to reflect on the technologies we appreciate most. See if you agree. And be sure to share what technology you’re most thankful for in the comments below. “I love Google talk and Gmail video chat. Voice is very clear (very […]

Why Mobile Matters to Retailers

Part 2 of a Series In my previous post, “Improving The Retail Ecosystem” I mentioned some of the things that make the retail channel a prime candidate for integration with the mobile channel. This is an area that has been both widely discussed in mobile circles and actively explored by some of the leading brands […]

Improving The Retail Ecosystem

The in-store retail environment can be looked at as a type of ecosystem – like a fishbowl of commerce. The trick is to make the environment most hospitable to sales. As I’ve gathered a deeper understanding of the business behind retail over the years through my work in mobile marketing, I’ve been blown away by […]

Cool Tools and Features to Explore

I know free time is not a luxury most of us enjoy. But if you’re already a Concentri® user and you have a few minutes, it’s well worth your time to check out the value-added features that are available to you. Many of these will help you streamline your approach as you establish a strong […]

Windows Phone 7: A Developer’s Review

Do you have Windows Phone 7 yet? If not, you may want to consider checking out what Microsoft has done with its mobile platform. Since the release of WinPho7 (Windows Phone 7) they have been selling out throughout the world, including Germany, the UK and the US. Although shortages in supply have been speculated as […]

Blackberry: The Once and Future King?

As gadget junkies and those of us concerned about the mobile space evaluate the release of Windows Phone 7, I wanted to take a look at a couple stories that have made headlines recently concerning BlackBerry, iPhone and Android. First up, a recently released Nielsen study reveals just how strong the Android surge is. Android […]

Tips for Stronger SMS Opt-In Messaging

In my last post, I outlined 5 key elements to successful copy and design development SMS campaigns. The success of a campaign not only depends on the campaign structure, but also depends on the execution and design of the initial opt-in messaging. Today, I’m going to dive into each element and provide some tips for […]

The Five Essentials for Stronger SMS Opt-In

An important part of a successful SMS campaign is the design and messaging for in-store promotion. As we’ve mentioned before, SMS is a critical part of the mobile marketing mix that can be applied in surprisingly effective and elegant ways, above and beyond pushing offers and text alerts. Achieving best-possible participation rates with SMS campaigns […]