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An Introduction to the Semantic Web

The Web is full of valuable information. There are pages upon pages full of knowledge and all of them are connected to one another with links. The deeper you go, the more you can learn. The problem is, to a computer, this information and all of the links are totally meaningless. Or at least it […]

Steps to Faster Page Load Times

Part 2 in a series – In my last post, we discussed why page load times are so important. In this post we discuss how to improve them and make them faster. To make the process simple, let’s break it into three steps: Audit, Address, and Repeat. Step One: Audit – Browsers like Firefox and […]

Tips for Streamlining the Online Ordering Process

Ever have one of those days when it feels like you’re scheduled down to the minute? Not an issue… until it’s compounded by one of life’s curveballs. That’s when the convenience of a smooth ecommerce or mcommerce experience shifts from “nice to have” to “essential.” My curveball yesterday was my 14-year-old son with a grapefruit-sized […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Online Marketers

What are goals marketers might want to add to their list of resolutions, or things to start doing in 2011 so they perform better? Here’s what the Lunch Pail team had to say: Chris: “Online marketers should update their privacy policies to be current and include opting out of web tracking, and make sure these […]

3 Keys to a Successful Mobile Strategy

Most marketers understand why they need a strong mobile marketing strategy. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming to understand the essence of what mobile marketing is really all about, and what elements are most important within a mobile strategy mix. This came up when I participated in a mobile marketing webinar sponsored by PRNewswire, explaining […]

Landing Page Optimization Resources

It’s no secret that landing page optimization is a hot topic in direct digital marketing right now. Marketers are constantly looking for landing page optimization updates and innovations. Here are two new resources that outline simple ways to make landing page optimization practical and flexible. Lunch Pail contributor Lesley Matt provides an overview of how […]

Better Email with Usability and A/B Testing

I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to usability. I really get excited about the idea of tweaking a page to get just the right response… and learning why it works. When I overheard someone here at Knotice talking about an eye track study and heat maps, my ears perked up. Turns […]

Measurable Marketing Means No Excuses

Right now, more than any other moment in the history of marketing and even the history of business, marketing professionals have access to robust tools that facilitate immediate performance evaluation and accountability. For decades marketers and brand advertising agency executives changed the subject when bosses and clients asked for results. (E.g. “How are we measuring […]

Online Retail Trend Breakdown: Cyber Week is Here

Cyber Monday came and went very quickly. A term coined in 2005, Cyber Monday describes the emerging consumer trend of online shopping on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Now Cyber Monday is on the precipice, soon to be swallowed by a week-long retail micro-season: Welcome to Cyber Week. Cyber Monday Reigns Again 2007 and 2008 data […]

Knotice Meets the Press: Sherpa, DM News

Every so often we take some time in this space to let you, our loyal and growing readership (thanks for a record November, everyone!), know when Knotice is in the news. For starters, Marketing Sherpa just published a case study on how our client, Tea Forte, is using our platform to do some completely unique […]