Monthly Archives: August 2012

Where Not to Put a 2D Code

2D barcodes: They’re everywhere nowadays. But sometimes marketers get a little bit too creative with them. Those little square codes are a great tool for providing an engaging customer experience, but no matter the best of intentions, there are just some places where a 2D code shouldn’t be placed. I asked some folks here at […]

Approaching the Tipping Point with Mobile Email

Email is one of those table-stakes channels that nearly every successful enterprise has leveraged in an above-average way. While it may have been dead for years according to some experts, it still reliably turns a dollar invested into revenue in return. When you factor in the impact of mobile usage within email programs, it’s a […]

Taking a Look at Window 8’s DNT Feature

Windows 8 will become widely available in new PCs and devices this October. It’s got some radical changes in UI and will be able to run on tablet devices, like Microsoft Surface. The final version of the Windows 8 OS is finished and is now available to developers, MSDN subscribers and was sent out various […]

Big Data = Big Headaches?

It’s here. Big data has arrived. You’ve likely seen articles popping up in industry press on the subject, ranging from “What is big data,” “Why you need big data,” and so on. It’s a natural extension of the Information Age in which we live. The advancement of technology has made data collection easier, but many […]

More HTML Email Tips: Dealing with Quirks, Part 2

In Monday’s post, I addressed a common HTML alignment quirk that you might encounter when creating your emails. Here are two more quirks and ways to work around them: Quirk No. 2: Padding and margin inline CSS styles work in some email clients, but not others. While padding and margin CSS styles are commonly accepted […]

More HTML Email Tips: Dealing with Quirks, Part 1

Over the past few months, I’ve provided several tips for working with HTML in emails. Check out the full collection of tips below: An Introduction to HTML Tables Creating Nested Tables How to Control the Elements of an HTML Table More on HTML Tables Today, I’m going to address how to deal with a common […]

A New Prescription for Digital

Technology today has introduced some interesting medical advancements to help enhance our digital lifestyles. I’ve heard of iPhones carved into prosthetic limbs, Bluetooth receivers as implants, iPods graphed onto people’s bodies. I’m actually currently a test subject for an advancement that’s far more practical and perhaps a bit less gruesome. And so far, I love […]

Refining Your Approach to Digital Intelligence

Recently, the CMO of a Top 50 Retailer shared that they do have their customer marketing data stored within individual profiles, but they still can’t leverage it in a meaningful way because it’s trapped in silos. With all those profiles in separate systems (email, analytics, segmentation systems, etc.), it limits the ability to bring together […]

How To: Make the Move from Lists to Profiles

Blasts are for the past. Making the move from viewing your customers as lists to seeing them as unique individuals will help you create communications that speak to your customers more directly. Concentri’s Universal Profile Management tools offer the marketer the opportunity to “know” a customer on a deeper level because all of a customer’s […]

Segmentation vs Segments

Interesting how the same word can mean different things to different people. I realized this when having a discussion with a few industry analysts yesterday. The idea of Segmentation and the concepts of Segments can mean one thing to marketers and another thing to those engaged with analytics and modeling. As the use of big […]