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Don't Miss Our Rebuttal to a Recent ClickZ Article

Many of you may have noticed that Brian published a post on a Thursday, not one of our regular days. Consider it a early Labor Day present, and a timely rebuttal to a ClickZ article Brian felt perpetuated some of the issues that are plaguing email marketing right now. You can read the original article […]

Good Email Marketing Shouldn't Cost More

Elana Anderson from the ClickZ Network had an article today titled, A Good E-mail Marketing Program Costs Money. Well intended, well thought out, but at the end of the day it's completely and entirely off the mark. She's talking about symptoms instead of dealing with the real problems that interactive marketers face. Her answer to […]

Trans-Generational Project Management, Part 2

Per my last post, generations weaned on scheduled, pre-packaged communication mediums are most comfortable when project communications are presented in a similar fashion. However, as Wikipedia sagely observes, Millennials and beyond have a very different set of expectations shaped by the technology they have grown up with. According to Wikipedia “Millennials, like other generations, are […]

Trans-Generational Project Management, Part 1

I'm not a big fan of the generational labels (baby boomer, X, Millennial, etc.). There is some truth, however, to the observation that people of different ages do have different expectations when it comes to project best practices. Projects are, at their core, about communications and collaboration. Ensuring your team understands what must be done […]

What's Fair For Trade Shows?

Traveling recently on business to Boston, I took the time that airlines create for passengers by locking down electronics to read something we'll all be telling our kids about one day - newspapers. Specifically, the New York Times. The article that caught my attention comes from Times business writer Brad Stone. Stone details the latest […]

Targeting That's Not So Hot

In the never ending quest of how to reach the widest audience, I can completely understand when an online media plan or buy might go awry. But, come on Yahoo (and Procter & Gamble), you can do better this. There will always be some level of non-relevant collateral damage when buying media. Ads are being […]

When is a coupon more than a coupon?

In a previous post I discussed multiple sides of the issue concerning couponing. Specifically, I addressed the following question: Is coupon discounting an effective tactic for marketers to consider in a down economy? I concluded that a couponing strategy needs to be deeply scrutinized by any marketing organization to establish the short term benefits vs. […]

Mobile Messages From the Internet...Don’t Go There

The other day I found one of the how-to, wiki-style articles on How to Block Mobile Phone Spam. The first thing that jumps out, of course, is that someone seems to be receiving enough commercial SMS messaging to feel that there is indeed a problem with mobile spam. As I mentioned in an earlier post, […]

Timely Messaging Is Powerful

While watching coverage of the Olympics last night (8/12) on NBC I was struck by two different commercials. One was from Visa congratulating US swimming sensation Michael Phelps on his record-breaking number of gold medals. The timing of the ad was impressive, even though the ad was probably in the can in advance of Phelps […]

Perception is Nine-Tenths of this Law

There is an old axiom in the legal field: "Possession is nine-tenths of the law." In the case of email best practices and privacy/opt-out requests, it reads: "Perception is nine-tenths of the law." As an email marketer, if you're toeing the line with CAN-SPAM compliance, then you may need to revisit your email practices. Government […]