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Trend Spotting: Direct Digital Marketing in 2010

Over the next two installments of The Lunch Pail, I will provide some foundation for two of the more promising trends in direct digital marketing. I first mentioned the recently published retail interactive marketing research from Forrester’s Shar VanBoskirk on Monday, specifically detailing the valuable roles of personalization and relevance in direct digital marketing. One […]

More Good Economic News for E-Commerce

Last month I wrote about some good economic news for eCommerce companies, noting that "the online retail sky" wasn’t falling just yet, despite the steady stream of negative information about sales in just about every sector for the last 7-8 months. That report specifically pulled out a few sectors that did well, while others still […]

What's Included in the Online Marketing Suite?

I always enjoy attending trade shows, and Forrester's 2009 Marketing Forum was no exception. From a strategic standpoint it's interesting for me to see how other competitive companies are positioning their solutions, it's nice to have the chance to chat with a few research analysts I respect, and I always enjoy a good conversation. Here […]

Knotice Meets the Press: Sherpa, DM News

Every so often we take some time in this space to let you, our loyal and growing readership (thanks for a record November, everyone!), know when Knotice is in the news. For starters, Marketing Sherpa just published a case study on how our client, Tea Forte, is using our platform to do some completely unique […]

Storing Instead of Schlepping Web Analytics Data

For whatever reason, it's like there is an unwritten law that only web analytics platforms should be able to store web analytics data. Because of this, interactive marketers are faced with the challenge of schlepping the data back and forth to their various systems. This makes no sense. One of the things that makes our […]

Good Email Marketing Shouldn't Cost More

Elana Anderson from the ClickZ Network had an article today titled, A Good E-mail Marketing Program Costs Money. Well intended, well thought out, but at the end of the day it's completely and entirely off the mark. She's talking about symptoms instead of dealing with the real problems that interactive marketers face. Her answer to […]

Privacy Perfect

Privacy is one of those concepts that has developed completely new connotations, and caused completely new problems in the digital age. From social networks to micro-blogging to text messaging, we have unparalleled access to information about our friends and colleagues. We marketers also have unparalleled access to information about our consumers. In the words of […]

5 Mistakes That Promote Cart Abandonment (2)

I previously discussed two of the five sure-fire ways eCommerce companies promote shopping card abandonment. Here's the rest of my list (along with a healthy dose of sarcasm). Process Failure 3: Letting your website do everything; after all, human resources are too costly (and so...human!). Many prospects come to websites and get a completely silo'd […]

The Future of Online Behavioral Targeting

Last Friday The Lunch Pail's newest contributor did a good job explaining some of the nuances of online behavioral targeting – specifically the differences between network targeting and onsite targeting. These two vastly different applications of tracking technologies are important to understand both morally and tactically. The Senate Commerce Committee is currently debating possible resolutions […]

The Data Is Your Base

It's terrible to watch an idea get squashed. Really, no one wants to watch it happen, and yet we see it everyday. Our best stratagems die a premature death at the hands of our inadequate data and the lack of an appropriate marketing platform to support it. You can put together a consumer-centric, relevant, multi-channel […]