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What’s Your Marketing Age?

How “old” is your marketing? I don’t mean its shelf life, or when your latest campaign released. What I mean is how mature is your approach to messaging – how well are you communicating with your audience when you’re speaking with them across channels and touch points. As children grow, they are evaluated by a […]

Chevy Volt’s Impressive Advocate Marketing

I drive a Chevy Volt. And, like the testimonials in the commercials, I love it. I post on Facebook about my mileage (currently 157 mpg) and share with anyone who asks how much I like the car. Suffice it to say that I’m not an impartial observer to the Chevy marketing team’s latest efforts to […]

What Civilians Can Learn from Army Marketers

As we pause to celebrate Memorial Day and honor those who served the U.S. Armed Forces, I was curious about the military’s use of digital marketing and social media for the recruitment of new soldiers. Of course marketing a product or service can be challenging, but the idea of shaping a message so powerful that […]

Steps to Faster Page Load Times

Part 2 in a series – In my last post, we discussed why page load times are so important. In this post we discuss how to improve them and make them faster. To make the process simple, let’s break it into three steps: Audit, Address, and Repeat. Step One: Audit – Browsers like Firefox and […]

The Importance of Improving Load Times

Part 1 of series –  So you are thirsty. You head to the corner convenience store for a soda. You pull on the door and it does not open. You walk away and look for another store to get your soda. What you didn’t know was that if you pulled on the door for 5 […]

Independent Case Study Highlights Oreck’s Success

Just yesterday, Forrester Research, Inc. released an independent case study detailing how Knotice customer, Oreck, was able to boost ROI with more relevant, effective messaging (generating 10x more revenue on after partnering with us. Their research noted that our Universal Profile Management System allowed Oreck to create a robust warehouse of customer-centric profile data. […]

Smarter Marketing with Digital Intelligence

In the coming months, it’s the data that will make the difference, especially when it’s applied to marketing activity across channels. While enterprise-sized corporations wrestle with internal issues and long-held channel-specific messaging strategies, the nimble mid-sized marketers instead can swiftly rise above the fray and respond to what the market demands. It’s a great time […]

Online Retail Forecast is Sunny

I find it interesting how consumers, who just a few years ago were afraid to type a card number into a computer, are now embracing the eCommerce like never before. On Monday, Forrester Research Inc. released its “US Online Retail Forecast, 2011 To 2016” report (by analyst Sucharita Mulpara). Things look good. eCommerce sales topped […]

Dig Deeper into Unified Messaging Details

Consumers are connected in more ways than ever. They use their mobile devices, desktop, Facebook Twitter and more to stay on top of news, offers, coupons and other happenings. So it’s no surprise that these super connected consumers have extremely high expectations for relevant messages across multiple channels. Unfortunately, many marketers fail to deliver the […]

Top Direct Digital Marketing Posts of 2011

2011 has been full of interesting developments in the direct digital marketing industry: The Do Not Track concept continued to be a hot topic among marketers, consumers and privacy advocates, Verizon finally got its hands on the iPhone, and AT&T made a failed attempt to acquire T-Mobile. It’s also been a great year here at […]