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How Elementary is Your Marketing?

Unified cross-channel messaging – coordinating and synchronizing content across channels based on the data from customer activity, exposure and preferences – reflects a certain level of maturity and competence. Last time I talked about the evolution of messaging as it relates to age. Now let’s have some fun and see where you are by grade […]

What’s Your Marketing Age?

How “old” is your marketing? I don’t mean its shelf life, or when your latest campaign released. What I mean is how mature is your approach to messaging – how well are you communicating with your audience when you’re speaking with them across channels and touch points. As children grow, they are evaluated by a […]

How to Use Symbols in Email Subject Lines

In my last post, I promised a discussion of the use of symbols in the subject lines of your emails. Today, we’ll discuss how the use of non-alphanumeric symbols (like ♥, ★ or☺) can help your message stand out in a crowded inbox. Standing out is the first step in getting the treasured open and […]

A Look at GIFs in Holiday Gift Guide Emails

With the holidays sneaking up fast, you are likely to be receiving a barrage of holiday shopping emails. I’ve taken a look at the slew of gift-guide emails I’ve already received, and the trend for this holiday season seems to be using animated GIF images within the email to spice things up a bit. Animated […]

GraTECHtude ’12: Technologies We Appreciate Most

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, it’s time again for our annual GraTECHtude roundup, here are a few of the technologies we’re most thankful for this holiday. (And be sure to add what technology you’re most appreciative of below!) “Though it will inevitably grow into SkyNet and come to control us all one day, I am […]

In Brand We Trust

When you read the industry articles and news lately, much of the focus seems to center around optimization for mobile, and Big Data, and analytical strategies to increase conversions. Those things certainly are important. However, when you dim the lights and lower the volume to meditate upon a singular focus, I suggest the mantra of […]

Fun Facts on Mobile Shopping & Usage

The mobile channel is obviously hot and getting hotter. It’s shaping how people do a number of activities from shopping to getting info, to finding directions and more. If you’re looking for ways to do more with mobile (or you’re just looking for some cool stats), here are some useful facts reflecting on the past […]

Knotice Receives National Recognition

Just announced today – Knotice has earned the honor of ranking #182 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500! Deloitte’s Fast 500 ranking provides a ranking of the fastest growing technology companies in the country as a way to recognize them for their technological innovation, entrepreneurship and rapid growth. Speaking of the ranking companies, Deloitte executives said: […]

More Big Data Questions Answered

Big data isn’t going away anytime soon. To give you some tips for getting started with the concept of big data, I chatted with Sophia Li from our actionable analytics team. Thankfully Sophia wasn’t done answering questions about big data. Here are a few more of her insights: How does Data Collection and Analysis Help […]

After the Push: A Look at Post Election Emails

The election is finally over. Many of us are breathing a sigh of relief as the seemingly endless stream of ads, phone calls, and campaign signs has come to a stop. Those of us in swing states seemed to have received the brunt of political efforts. On Monday, I wrote about the email campaigns of […]