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How Elementary is Your Marketing?

Unified cross-channel messaging – coordinating and synchronizing content across channels based on the data from customer activity, exposure and preferences – reflects a certain level of maturity and competence. Last time I talked about the evolution of messaging as it relates to age. Now let’s have some fun and see where you are by grade […]

The Tale of True Targeting

Meet Polly. She’s been a customer of yours since 2009. She’s on your email list. She gets text messages for holiday promotions. She loves to kill time at work by shopping your site. When she’s at home curled up on the couch with her iPad, she’ll sometimes search the reviews of things she’s already bought […]

Two Questions for Stronger Multi-Channel Strategy

Every time we have a customer touchpoint, we have an opportunity to connect – or a chance to blow it, fail and mess up. So the idea of a multi-channel approach to marketing can be a bit intimidating. More “marketing tentacles” mean more risks for problems. So, is it worth it? You bet! Studies show […]

The Tale of Two Purchases

We’ve talked before about the importance of connection at the point of decision. Consumers always have their mobile devices within reach and several brands have begun using 2D codes to connect the online and physical worlds at the exact time the consumer is ready to make a decision. I recently had an excellent ‘connection at […]

Key Questions for No-Limits Mobile Strategy

Recently, a colleague and I had a good meeting with a brand marketer. I refer to it as good, not because it advanced to a real business opportunity. I say good because it brought to the surface some of the core elements to how brands should be approaching mobile today. These elements are based on […]

Better Service Using Direct Digital Marketing

Okay, so you’re not an MSO (see Bryce’s post)…. But you can still use effective techniques in direct digital marketing to build client relationships and grow your service-based business. Here are six quick tips to help you start thinking about ways you can incorporate the flexibility of direct digital marketing to better serve your customers […]

Holiday Mobile Tips…Already?

Summer is in full swing, and the kids are returning to school. Back to school campaigns are in market for most retail marketers. It is still hot outside, but most marketers have their minds on the upcoming holiday season. The holiday season is right around the corner, and for most marketers that means putting together […]

Great Software Features For Retailers

On Friday I provided some details and insight into what a direct digital marketing software feature looks like. It is important to understand that a truly multi-channel software feature is able to impact more than a single channel or a even single strategy. Direct digital marketing is about focusing on the consumer and making improvements […]

3 Basic Mobile Web Considerations

First, a special thank you to Marketing Profs for featuring my recent Lunch Pail article on why marketing organizations are better served by outsourcing their email marketing to email marketing experts. As more communications channels emerge, and marketing organizations get more complex, finding reliable partners to outsource key programs to is absolutely essential. While email […]

Balancing Engagement and Acquisition in Marketing

For years online retailers have had the pedal to the metal regarding customer acquisition strategies. While attracting new customers is still a primary goal for online retailers, for the first time in several years the balance between customer retention and acquisition is tipped in favor of retention. As a result, marketers must shift strategy - […]