Monthly Archives: June 2010

Mobile Strategic Planning Is Not Optional

Many companies are choosing to sit back and take a "wait and see" approach to strategic planning for the mobile communications channel. There is comfort in the notion because the technology is evolving so rapidly it appears as though attacking the channel in a piecemeal fashion is the right approach. Marketers, however, must resist this […]

Thomas Edison and Software Innovation

It all goes back to Thomas Edison. The relentless desire to invent and innovate is as much a part of American culture as hot dogs and apple pie. Edison is credited with the light bulb, the phonograph, and the vitascope (known as a movie camera, in its most recent iterations). Despite Edison’s many noteworthy and […]

Balancing Engagement and Acquisition in Marketing

For years online retailers have had the pedal to the metal regarding customer acquisition strategies. While attracting new customers is still a primary goal for online retailers, for the first time in several years the balance between customer retention and acquisition is tipped in favor of retention. As a result, marketers must shift strategy - […]

Multi-Channel Shoppers Spend More

As Josh mentioned in his article on Monday, the online retail industry appears to be recovering from the recession. Only 12 percent of online retailers believe the economy is still a major challenge. Though the economy is not as strong as it was before the recession, there is evidence that consumer confidence has been slowly […]

Personalization, Rules-Based Promotion Set to Grow

Online retailers looking to differentiate from the competition and gain market share must understand the latest report from Retail Systems Research (RSR), due out August 23, 2010. Despite a host of statistical evidence that personalization is an effective online marketing technique for retailers, the tactic is still, surprisingly, seldom used. Marketers have historically pointed to […]

Creating Relevance-Centered Marketing

Marketers are constantly working to achieve relevance in their communications to consumers. Many marketers, however, encounter obstacles when trying to implement a relevance-centered approach. Obstacles to relevance range from outdated technology to organizational barriers to even not even having a working definition of what relevance means. Since relevance is important I thought I’d provide a […]

Direct Digital Marketing and The DMA

It is no secret that the marketing industry is advancing and evolving at lightning speed. Direct digital marketing continues to play a vital role in the evolution of the industry, and the question of what marketing institution is going to sweep it up and embrace it has emerged. Will it be the Direct Marketing Association […]

Marketing’s Need for Direct Digital Culture

Of the many themes that manifested throughout last week's IRCE 2010 in Chicago, one persistent theme that found its way in to virtually every presentation was the need to address the culture of the marketing organization in order to effect positive change for customers. The first keynote to speak specifically to the need for organizational […]

Google, Direct Digital Marketing and the Mobile Web

In the interest of objective candor, IRCE 2010 in Chicago did not hit a home run with every keynote. Some speakers, however, introduced many important concepts and advanced the dialogue of online and direct digital marketing in significant ways. One speaker on day three of the conference, Google’s VP of eCommerce, Stephanie Tilenius, rattled off […]

IRCE 2010: Mobile As An In-Store Guide

As I mentioned on Monday, I am one of the over 6,000 people in Chicago for the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition 2010. One of the keynote addresses I was most looking forward to was from Imran Jooma, Sears’ SVP and GM for eCommerce. Jooma is perhaps best known for his work with Circuit City. […]