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Fun Facts on Big Data 2013

With the explosion of information being gathered and used, it’s time to take a fresh look at even more fun facts on Big Data. Enjoy! 4.4 million – The number of jobs that Big Data demand will reach by 2015 (Gartner Research). 42% – Percentage of marketers surveyed in early 2013 who have or who […]

Do Not Track Update – September 2013

In my last Do Not Track post, I mentioned the resignation of Jonathan Mayer from the Track Protection Working Group. Mayer’s resignation comes after years of a standstill at the W3C. The end of August saw yet another key resignation from the group – that of Peter Swire. Swire, the co-chair of the group resigned […]

Considerations for Selecting a DMP

As Forrester Research prepares to release its first-ever WAVE™ report on Data Management Platforms (DMP), here are a few concepts to help put things into perspective for those new to the idea of using a DMP. When considering the need for a DMP solution, realize that everything consumers do is an action. These actions can […]

Mother’s Day Tech 2013

Mother’s Day is Sunday. If you’re a late shopper and need a few gift ideas (or just want to add to your own personal wish list), we’ve got you covered. In case you’re looking for tech ideas for your mom, we asked some folks around the office to share their stories along with their recommendations. […]

2D Codes: A Marketing Tragedy – Act II

Before we begin the second act of this marketing tragedy, the audience is invited to peruse Act I here. Over time, we’ve seen proprietary bar codes and well-meaning but under-capitalized companies go by the wayside. We’re left with a smaller group of most viable options for code selection with QR being the clear winner in […]

2D Codes: A Marketing Tragedy – Act I

Have QR codes gone the way of Tybalt? Dispatched out of anger by marketers who disappointedly were dealt a plague on their messaging houses? It’s possible. As we wrap up Q1 of 2013, here is what I have found to be the most popular topics marketers are talking about: Big Data, Responsive Design Digital Strategy, […]

Apology Emails – When and How to Say You’re Sorry

It’s been awhile, but if you remember Part One of this story, you’ll recall that I received an email simply asking me for information from my insurance provider, but going about it in a less-than ideal manner. Shortly after the initial email message, I received an apology email, which I took (and still do) as […]

State of Online Retail in 2013

A few days ago, and Forrester teamed up to release the report “The State of Retailing Online 2013: Key Metrics and Initiatives.” It’s full of great information. If you’re a member of, you can get your copy here: Here are three interesting takeaways: It’s All About Mobile Mobile is big and continues […]

Odd Holiday Facts

Did you know that Christmas celebrations were once declared illegal in England? Or why the New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square was created in the first place? Read on for more interesting, wacky, and marketing related holiday facts. (And happy holidays!) Christmas English parliament passed a law in 1647 that made Christmas celebrations illegal. […]

Knotice’s 2012 Holiday Party

It was a beautiful night for our holiday party in downtown Akron. Many on Team Knotice, along with their significant others, got lucky at the casino night tables with a chance to win some really cool prizes while enjoying some great food and drink. (Christmas Ale was a favorite!) Here’s a look at some of […]