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PURLs of Wisdom

We are constantly focusing our efforts on direct digital marketing, which is, in many ways, its own animal. Like me, you may spend most of your time and effort in the "interactive" space. We segment, target, personalize, and measure with great fervor… in part, because the technology allows it. But, direct digital marketing isn't all […]

Marketing and Technical Project Management, Part 2

The following formula can be frustrating at times for the technical project manager and development team: a large amount of demand for success, plus minimal information, plus an often tight and rigid deadline. That formula is why in the beginning of the process, the project team must focus more on goals than details. Every team […]

Marketing and Technical Project Management, Part 1

The technical project management approach is affected by which department initiates a project. In the next couple of posts I'll highlight some ways a marketing-requested technical project changes the overall approach. In an IT driven project, the approach is usually very rigid. The plans are normally carried out with military precision. Because there’s no room […]

Defining Your Digital Coupon Strategy

Raise your hand if you’ve recently broken out in tears at the checkout counter at the grocery store. Raise your hand if you’ve recently started using coupons. Raise your hand if you’ve experienced the following scenario: You're clipping or clicking for coupons and see a coupon that will save you $0.55 off the purchase of […]

Professional Services for Software Platforms

Sometimes I fancy myself a shade tree mechanic, at least on cars that are still more mechanically traditional than they are modernized with computer interface. But, I wouldn’t count on my skills to keep me moving if a car breaks down on the highway, regardless of all of the tools at my disposal. One reason […]

Understanding the Basics of Scrum, Part 2

In my last post I broke down the roles and tasks of the Scrum process. Today’s post is part two of Understanding the Basics of Scrum, and will break down the events of Scrum and the role of the task board in the Scrum process. The events of the Scrum process are as follows: Daily […]

Understanding the Basics of Scrum, Part 1

In a previous post I talked about different development processes. In today’s post I am going to focus on one in particular, Scrum. It is growing in popularity, and used by many companies (including us here at Knotice). Scrum is an increment process for developing software. The best way to break it down is to […]

101: Onsite Targeting is Not Banner Advertising

Even though marketing budgets are being slashed, marketers still need to improve website performance, sales, and conversions without breaking the bank. Looking at the options marketers are buzzing about, I found that there is some confusion in the marketplace about the differences between onsite targeting and banner advertising. For those of you who are relatively […]

Avoiding the Industry-Wide 70% Opt-Out

"Why should I stay? Day after day, week after week, you tell me I'm important, but you don't show me. What are you going to do to make me stay?" Above is the excerpt from a bad email break-up. Your customers are yelling at you, "Pay attention to me or you will lose me." Are […]

Buzz Words Demystified! Episode 4: SaaS

Not long ago, when a company wanted to replace or enhance a process with computers and software they had to buy a computer and software. In many cases they would even have to hire consultants to implement it, as well as beef up their IT department to support it. Let's look at an example where […]