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May Industry News Recap

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday. It’s been a great spring here at Knotice, and there’s a number of exciting things on the horizon. If you missed anything recently, be sure to check out our news section, and be sure to follow us on Twitter. Things have been busy […]

Image is Everything with Online Retail

Image isn’t everything… it’s the only thing. Of course, this is a serious corruption of the classic Vince Lombardi quote on winning, but when it comes to your website and your overall online marketing presence — especially for retailers – image absolutely matters. With this in mind, I always find it interesting to see how […]

Dodgem Cars, Giant Slides and Digital Marketing

Strategists often use the abstract concept of a funnel to explain the process of consumer engagement. Marketing funnels, purchasing funnels, branding funnels, sales funnels –all help create a rational framework around something as irrational as consumer behavior. In the recent eMarketer webinar “Integrating Search and Display” sponsored by Knotice, analyst David Hallerman began the discussion […]

Analysis of Print Ads with Mobile: Part 1

The May issue of Wired magazine (the printed version) was of special interest to me. Within the few pages at the front of the magazine, there were 4 full-page ads (one was a two-page spread) for major consumer brands, each featuring different mobile response methods to entice readers to engage further on their smartphones. I […]

Useful Tips for HTML Email Design, Part 2

Earlier this week, I provided a couple of HTML tips for making sure your emails always look their best. As I mentioned previously, most designers building HTML e-mails understand and implement most best practices, such as avoiding large images, but there seems to be a large disconnect with some of the more subtle yet equally […]

Useful Tips for HTML Email Design, Part 1

It seems that no matter how often best practices are discussed with regards to HTML e-mail design, designers are consistently making the same mistakes. This makes things difficult for clients who make the initial review of content and other designers or testers also working with and eventually implementing the code. Most designers building HTML e-mails […]

Free Webinar: Tactics for More Effective Advertising

We talk about multi-channel direct digital marketing for a reason. Targeting your brand messages through a variety of points of contact over time is simply more effective – especially when trying to inspire the recipient to take action. One way to effectively reach your audience – while optimizing your online ad spending – is with […]

Mobile Commerce Summit Recap

These days you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have their mobile device with them at nearly every minute of the day. Mobile devices are trusted companions, providing advice on what television to purchase, where to have dinner, or how to maintain a lawnmower. Oh, and they also come in handy for making […]

MMA Best Practices for Mobile

These days, most brands and verticals are finding ways to truly transform the way they communicate with their consumer-base and operate their business with mobility and mobile marketing While this is a relatively new endeavor for most, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and its member companies have consistently made efforts over the years to define […]

What Makes a Good Email Campaign?

To help you create effective and targeted email campaigns, here are some tips from the pros here at Knotice. “A great campaign is tightly targeted, well tested and timely. Targeted, to make sure the message is relevant for the recipient while providing the best ROI for the sender. Tested, to ensure the message is as […]