Monthly Archives: November 2011

Knotice’s First Half 2011 Mobile Email Opens Report

With the increasing adoption rates of mobile devices, one of the more popular tasks performed on smartphones and iPads alike is checking email. With that, we’re happy to announce the release of Knotice’s Mobile Email Opens Report First Half 2011 released today. The report is based on a data from a sampling of 701 million […]

Best Practices for Using 2D Barcodes

Not long ago, our own Dave Lawson had a great conversation with Julie Ask at Forrester, during which Dave provided her with opinions, statistics and examples for several mobile-specific reports she was working on. I was fortunate to be on the call, taking copious notes. One of those reports was recently released. “2D Bar Codes: […]

Interesting Holiday Retail Data

Now that the food coma from Thanksgiving has worn off, many consumers are beginning today by heading out to stock up on Black Friday deals. In the spirit of the biggest shopping day of the year, I’d like to share some interesting holiday retail stats. Let’s start with some Black Friday data. While 34 percent […]

GraTECHtude ’11: Technologies We Appreciate Most

We’ve had a great year here at Knotice, and we’ve got a lot to be thankful for. In what has become somewhat of a tradition at the Lunch Pail, allow us to share a few of the technologies we’re most thankful for this holiday. (And be sure to add what technology you’re most appreciative of […]

Adobe Kills Flash for Mobile

So Steve Jobs was right, and even now Adobe agrees. Flash is not a good fit for mobile. Adobe announced recently that it was stopping development (but will continue with security updates and bug fixes) for flash player for web browsers on all mobile devices. They released this statement to ZDNet: “Our future work with […]

SMS like Teen Spirit

Text messaging can be applied in surprisingly effective and elegant ways, above and beyond pushing offers and alerts. One easy (and often overlooked) way to leverage this multifaceted mobile marketing tool is to use it for data collection and to boost business efficiency. For example, any product manufacturer can tell you, mail-in rebate redemption programs […]

Mobile Expectations for 2012

2012 is nearly upon us, and with the end of another year comes a slew of predictions about what the next year will bring. Over the past year, the distribution and use of smartphones soared (as most everyone expected.) Recent research from Gartner reveals that during the third quarter of 2011, worldwide sales of smartphones […]

A Closer Look at Some Mobile Advice

In the recent issue of Integrated Solutions for Retailers, Frederick’s of Hollywood is profiled with their approach to mobile and ecommerce. It’s worth reading. But when you dig deeper into the article, you witness the potentially conflicting advice of integration of channels that I thought was worth sharing with you. In the section “Three Components […]

Preparing for Black Friday 2011

It’s almost turkey time, which means Black Friday is just around the corner. This year more and more retailers are planning to begin their Black Friday sales on earlier (maybe to give you a chance to burn off all that food?). While many stores will open their doors at midnight on Friday, Walmart will be […]

Tips for Streamlining the Online Ordering Process

Ever have one of those days when it feels like you’re scheduled down to the minute? Not an issue… until it’s compounded by one of life’s curveballs. That’s when the convenience of a smooth ecommerce or mcommerce experience shifts from “nice to have” to “essential.” My curveball yesterday was my 14-year-old son with a grapefruit-sized […]