Monthly Archives: February 2013

Asking for Customer Info: A Cautionary Tale

I recently received an email from my home insurance provider asking me to fill out a brief questionnaire. Working in marketing, I tend to be slightly more receptive to these requests, but in this case, the way it was presented put the marketer in me at odds with the customer in me. How so? Let’s […]

3 Tips to Take Email Further

According to a presentation at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2013 last week, about 144.8 billion emails are sent every day. Email remains the anchor of a solid cross-channel marketing approach. That said, let’s look at three lessons learned to make email even better. May these ideas help infuse fresh energy into your campaign approach. Serve, […]

How to: Creating a Customer Focused Approach

By now, it’s obvious that we’re operating in “The Age of the Customer.” The customer has greater control over the brand relationship and marketing interaction. It’s not about you and your marketing message – it’s about giving each customer what they need, at the right moment, through their channel of choice – and looking great […]

Knotice’s H2 2012 Mobile Email Opens Report

It’s out. Our new Mobile Email Opens Report: 2nd Half 2012 has the latest numbers and looks deep into email use across mobile devices. The number of emails opened on a mobile device (smartphone and/or tablet) during the second half of 2012 rose to 41 percent. This is a 51 percent increase over the former […]

Join Us on the Road This February

In the next couple of weeks the Knotice team will hit the road again, taking full advantage of the 2013 of trade show season. First up, we’ll be heading to Las Vegas for MarketingSherpa’s 2013 Email Summit. This year’s summit is sure to be full of great content with experts from a variety of industries […]

Valentine’s Day Emails Show the Love

Retailers were spreading the love this Valentine’s Day. To get customers in the door, many retailers (and restaurants) like Starbucks and Qdoba offered special deals via email and other channels. Today, I’m going to perform a post-mortem on the Valentine’s Day emails I received. I noticed a very obvious (and appropriate) trend this year: the […]

Get Personal with these 5 Personalization Tips

In today’s ever changing digital world, making a customer feel special and as if you really know who they are is increasingly more important. As a connected consumer, there is nothing worse than opening an email and seeing a personalization failure of epic proportions. With that in mind, here are some quick tips to keep […]

Privacy Showdown: Microsoft v. Google

Microsoft is on the privacy warpath To get more users to defect from Google to Bing for their searching needs, Microsoft has launched the latest piece of its anti-Google campaign “Scroogled.” The first portion released last year focused on the privacy debate surrounding Google and its use of data. Now, Microsoft is going after Gmail […]

Super Bowl Ad Observations Continue

As I mentioned Wednesday, I meticulously reviewed this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads. Some were gross, some made great use of social channels, and some tackled the multichannel experience very well. Here are other interesting things I took note of: Products are increasingly mobile: One of the most notable trends I witnessed at CES […]

Review of Super Bowl Ads Across Device Types

Super Bowl XLVIII has come and gone. As per the last several years, I’ve taken time to reflect on the most intense marketing vehicle (eyeballs+dollars+creativity/time) known to mankind and how technology, messaging, and content (with a focus on mobility) are aligning with the brand and consumer objectives. Methodology: I took a fresh approach this year […]