Monthly Archives: October 2012

Our Annual Costume Contest: Happy Halloween!

Every October, we wrack our brains to come up with prize-winning costumes for Knotice’s annual Halloween costume contest. A team-building tradition here, this year brought out some unusually creative looks, trying to woo the peer judges in hopes of snagging a new iPad for their very own. Here’s a look at some of the fun. […]

4 Ways to Prevent Cart Abandonment

It’s that time again… The Holiday season is closing in faster than a storm, and Cyber Monday is only a few weeks away. And with more and more customers taking their shopping lists online, cart abandonment has taken center stage in the fight for online conversions. What can you do to keep customers in the […]

Why Email Deliverability is like Health Class

It’s Friday… I’m a little jet lagged, but I had this thought: Email is like sex. (“Did she say that…? Did that just happen?!”) I’m beginning to think email marketing is starting to feel like the stuff we learned in 7th grade health. You know “the” class on reproduction… that’s what I’m talking about. We […]

The Lowdown on Big Data

Big data is everywhere. It seems like no matter where you turn, someone in the industry is discussing its potential, how confusing it is, or its benefits. A recent Harvard Business Review article pointed out that just 11 percent of marketers depend on data for customer-related decisions. (The majority of marketers, it said, relied on […]

Tips for Taking a Mobile First Approach

In my last post, we talked about how the time has come for a shift in your marketing. If you’re thinking of doing a new website or even a website refresh, you need to take a “mobile first” approach. This means you must design around the mobile user’s experience with your website via mobile, built […]

The Shift to Mobile First by Design

Do yourself a favor and grab your cell phone. Now open up its browser and type in your company’s web address. Let’s start with the basics… What comes up? How fast? How does it look? Is it easy to read without having to swipe the page right and left to access its content, or reach […]

Live from the Show Floor: Pictures from DMA 2012

Several members of the Knotice team are on the road this week. Stay tuned for more from CTAM and DMA in the coming weeks. For now, here’s a look at some of the team in action at DMA 2012. If you weren’t able to make it to DMA, check out some of the resources below […]

Useful Stats for the Holiday Shopping Season

Black Friday and the holiday shopping season will be here before we know it. (39 days for those keeping track.) To help you get in the holiday spirit (if you’re not already there), I want to share a few nuggets of information about this year’s holiday shopping forecast. Online Holiday Sales are Forecast to Grow […]

Do Not Track Hits Roadblocks

Since Microsoft announced its controversial Do Not Track feature would be turned on by default in the latest version of IE 10, there’s been much debate over whether the new feature would be compliant with the Do Not Track specifications, and its effect on the future of the internet/online advertising and marketing. Fast forward a […]

Mobile to the Max Highlights

Greetings from San Diego at Internet Retailer’s “Mobile Marketing and Commerce Forum.” This smaller industry event is highly niched, focused purely on helping SMB online retailers maximize opportunity through the mobile channel. As m-commerce experts and a broad range of speakers share their insights, a few themes emerge: The mobile wave may be more of […]