Monthly Archives: September 2011

Hitting the Road: Knotice Style

The Knotice team will be on the road next month, making for a busy and exciting October. First on our show agenda is the DMA’s annual conference in Boston where Patti will be roaming the show floor, attending sessions and soaking up useful tips and tricks. If you see her, be sure to say hello! […]

The Bright Future of Email

Remember the Brady Bunch? The topic of mobile lately seems to be the “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” of direct digital marketing. And while mobile seems to be turning heads and getting all the attention, email remains the “Jan” of the multi-channel bunch. Fairly attractive, highly reliable, everybody likes her, but there’s not much else to talk […]

How to Determine 2D Code Program Success

When considering a 2D code campaign, a question marketers often ask me is, “How will I know if the program is a success?” In most cases, my explanation begins by having the marketers consider the reasonable expectations for the number of scans based on circumstances and historic precedent. (It’s a shot in the dark, but […]

Creating Segments with Your Data

The drive for brands to better engage across channels is in high gear – getting the right message (content, offers, options, etc.) to the right person at the right moment with seamless consistency across channels. With so many different messages targeting so many different audiences through so many different routes – having the right solution […]

The Latest AT&T and T-Mobile Merger Developments

Back in March, the industry learned that AT&T was planning to purchase T-Mobile, a move that would leave only three major wireless carriers in the US. Marketers and consumers speculated on the proposed deal’s impact on the mobile industry and on consumers, saying the availability of mobile coverage could expand and that consumers may see […]

Building Emails around Images Turned Off

You’ve worked hard on that campaign. Your designer did a fantastic job. The email looks great. The colors are just right. Love the font. It all just works – especially how she was able to integrate the special offer into the image used for her design. Very cool. Too bad about 95% of email subscribers […]

More Pointers for Investing in Mobile

The true beauty of mobile is that is can connect the varying contexts and mindsets that exist in the path to purchase. Customers have a connected device with them at all places and all times throughout their consideration, conversion, and ownership states. They use it to check email, take pictures, share with friends, contribute to […]

Anticipation of Innovation on Retail and Lifestyles

Historic Boston with its monuments, cobblestones and charm provides on poignant backdrop to the forward-thinking spectacle that is the 2011 Annual Summit. Hundreds of retailers pack the convention center this week, soaking up information to help them better position themselves within the digital marketing channels currently available to them – and those to come. […]

Pointers for Investing More in Mobile

When it comes to the increase in mobile marketing spend, there are numerous drivers to consider. Some are specific to advertising. Others are specific to marketing. Advertising The current results for mobile marketing and advertising effectiveness are compelling. Data from firms like comScore and InsightExpress reveals there is more engagement, more brand awareness, and more […]

Changing the Game in Boston

Next week members of the Knotice team will hit the road for Boston where’s 2011 Annual Summit will be taking place. In addition to the usual faces from Knotice, frequent Lunch Pail bloggers Patti, Bryce, and Dave will be soaking in the sessions, hanging out and exploring the show floor. (If you see any […]