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Flexible, Scalable Software Amid Constant Change

In the ever changing landscape of product requirements, infrastructure changes, and good old bug squashing, developers can be caught in the trap of maintaining software rather than improving it. As most developers know, it is hard to design and implement software against a moving target. For quite some time larger applications have been built on […]

Project Testing - Measure Twice, Cut Once

Quality assurance and testing for marketing-driven technical projects is something that must be taken seriously. Since most marketing-driven technical projects are on tight deadlines, it is important to test as early and often as possible. The extra testing, and the assurance that comes with it, is made possible by an agile programming process. Many marketing-driven […]

Buzz Words Demystified! Episode 5: The Cloud

Football stadiums are an interesting study. They cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build and usually sit on the most prime real estate in a major city. They contain hundreds of employees and are guaranteed to be open only eight days each year. It's hard to believe this is a very profitable business model […]

Avoiding Mistakes in Technical Project Management

Companies need to adjust quickly in order to be successful. Project drivers need to use new methods to keep up with the fast-paced technology world while maintaining up-to-date priorities, avoiding new mistakes, and not repeating past ones. We all know mistakes will happen on rare occasions, so how they are handled determines a project’s success. […]

Knotice Continues to Add Talent

To say that Brian Burns knows his stuff is a bit of an understatement. Knotice's new Director of Infrastructure and Messaging brings a laundry list of accomplishments to the table. From acting as founder and CTO of American National, to Director of IT at Bock & Clark, and Director of Technical Operations at Advanced Elastomer […]

Relevance and Relative Dates

When we put relative date operations into our software platform, I don't think anyone truly had an appreciation for how powerful they would be. They've been part of the platform for a while now, but it's interesting to see how much steam they've picked up lately with our customers and prospective customers. So, what's a […]

Enhancements for Email Betting, I Mean Testing

We love email testing at Knotice. When it comes to our own campaigns, we like to up the ante - literally. For each test, there is usually a corresponding betting pool going on. Granted, testing provides great marketing insights; but, the drama increases when people start wagering on how smart of marketers they are. The […]

How To Build a Good Mobile Marketing Campaign

The mobile marketing reality is that most marketers aren't allocating large swaths of their budgets to mobile quite yet. Interactive marketers are very much in a pilot mentality as it pertains to mobile marketing... and, that's perfectly fine. As a development organization, that means designing and deploying mobile marketing features that won't be overkill for […]

Chris Holmok: Knotice's "Geek 4 Life"

That's quite a fitting moniker for someone who has worked at software and media giants like Microsoft and MySpace. Now that he's returned from the west coast, we're proud to welcome Chris Holmok back to the Knotice family for his second tour of duty. And, you know what? He'll always be our favorite geek. What […]

Storing Instead of Schlepping Web Analytics Data

For whatever reason, it's like there is an unwritten law that only web analytics platforms should be able to store web analytics data. Because of this, interactive marketers are faced with the challenge of schlepping the data back and forth to their various systems. This makes no sense. One of the things that makes our […]