Monthly Archives: October 2009

Direct Digital Marketing and Cable's 3 Screens

The annual CTAM (Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing) Summit wrapped this week. A central theme of the CTAM Summit is the discussion of the "TV Everywhere" concept. TV - in its current definition - has to adapt. Competition from the Web - where video content is available anytime through Hulu, YouTube, and thousands of […]

Behavioral Targeting’s Evolving Perception

No sooner did I report the changing consumer perception of behavioral targeting – a notable shift toward acceptance – than a new study emerged showing the exact opposite. One quick note before diving into the details: This new study, and seemingly the focus of every emerging study on behavioral targeting and consumer acceptance, is focused […]

Onsite Targeting Gives Little Wins, Big Success

The annual CTAM (Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing) Summit has kicked off in Denver as of yesterday. The CTAM Summit in a phrase: Hundreds of very smart folks gathering to strategize and plan for marketing their broadband, cable, and telecommunications services to the masses. Every marketer needs a strategy. Strategy guides us through the […]

Automated Tune-In Promotions Are as Easy as 1-2-3

One of the exciting stories Knotice will be telling at the upcoming CTAM Summit in Denver is the marketer-friendly solution for creating and launching highly automated tune-in promotions through both the email and mobile channels. Tune-in promotions make a lot of sense for both the marketer - whether the marketer is an Operator or a […]

Cable and Bundle Building Is All About LIFT

We all work very hard, day-in and day-out, trying to improve our marketing and promotions. Rarely, however, do we get to point to very clear, exceptional results that definitively indicate a resounding success. I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure to be a small part of a project that turned out to be a […]

Making Sense of Mobile Marketing - Finally

Once in a great while a strong, helpful document is published in the world of marketing. Marketers certainly publish a large quantity of information about the various disciplines and how incremental improvements help achieve important results. But, all of the massive amounts of marketing information that is published on a daily basis create a lot […]

The Verizon-Alltel Merger: Customer News

In my last post I discussed some new Verizon-Alltel merger tidbits including how the merger will impact mobile marketing and mobile advertising. Today I’m going to dive into what Alltel customers can expect as the year draws to a close. For months after the merger was announced, confused Alltel customers have had questions: “When will […]

Verizon-Alltel Merger Impacts Mobile Marketing

It is hard to believe it has almost been a year since the Verizon-Alltel merger first made the news. Over the last nine months mobile marketers (and customers) have seen Verizon become the largest wireless carrier in the country with 87.7 million customers, and AT&T − the nation’s second largest mobile carrier − grab an […]

Measurable Marketing Means No Excuses

Right now, more than any other moment in the history of marketing and even the history of business, marketing professionals have access to robust tools that facilitate immediate performance evaluation and accountability. For decades marketers and brand advertising agency executives changed the subject when bosses and clients asked for results. (E.g. “How are we measuring […]

Marketing Organizations Realign For Mobile

Marketers know about the consumer transition from primarily using landline means of communication to primarily using mobile means of communication. There are some basic forecasts detailing how long the transition has been going on, and how long it will take to reach critical mass. While the data exists as evidence, action is even greater evidence […]