Monthly Archives: May 2010

More Direct Digital Marketing Resources

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! A lot has happened since my last press round up in April, so I thought I’d take some time to catch everyone up on what is happening here at Knotice. Since my last update, Knotice announced new customers, received recognition for our white paper and thought leadership on direct digital marketing, […]

Why Outsourcing Email Makes Sense

Many companies - ranging from large to small across the business continuum - grapple with the question of outsourcing email versus building an in-house solution. Over time, that decision usually becomes less black and white and a hybrid model begins to emerge where the in-house group runs some email programs from the in-house solution, and […]

Approach to Data Differentiates ESPs

Email is sometimes a forgotten direct digital marketing channel. While it is core to any customer experience a brand tries to create, basic email capabilities are a commodity. Email is essentially bucketed in two primary categories - blast campaigns and dynamic/relevant campaigns. A mix of both is good, and good ESPs do both expertly. Dynamic […]

A Mobile Marketing Case Study For Retail

It’s no secret that mobile marketing continues to be a hot topic in the direct digital marketing industry. Marketers are hungry for mobile marketing insight, statistics, case studies, and more. One Knotice retail customer, Crocs, was recently in the news for its instant savings mobile coupon campaign. Crocs placed signs throughout stores nationwide encouraging customers […]

Geo-Targeting’s Impact on Web Sites, Email

Much like the age old real estate axiom, location is of utmost importance when it comes to direct digital marketing. This is true in a number of ways, and Knotice has been working very hard to leverage that reality to improve the performance of various direct digital marketing campaigns - whether campaigns are executed in […]

Auntie Anne’s Cross Channel Marketing Forgets User

In the rapidly evolving world of direct digital marketing it often pays for marketers to sit back and ask themselves some important questions when considering what type of direct digital marketing campaign makes sense for their business. Given the three primary direct digital channels of Web, mobile, and email it is especially important to ask […]

Mobile App Development and Managing Expectations

Mobile app development, while not exactly new, is still in the early stages of its life cycle. Many companies are just starting to swim in these waters. If a company knows what its customers want, and manages their expectations effectively, then everyone involved with a project has a positive experience and, more importantly, a successful […]

Direct Digital Marketing in Northeast Ohio

Akron, Ohio is home to innovation. Advancements in everything from medical technology to plastics manufacturing to direct digital marketing have been made here recently, and that does not take into account the city’s industrious past. Knotice is proud to be an Akron company, and we have written several posts about Akron’s growth and Knotice’s growth. […]

Adjusting Mobile Campaigns While In Market

We are all human. We all make mistakes. And SMS interactions are no exception. Despite the time and effort put into planning an SMS campaign before it goes live, including trying to anticipate and accommodate possible mistakes made by the consumers interacting with your campaign, most marketers find that even after a campaign is live […]

Self-Regulation Winning Ongoing BT Battle

As reported by ClickZ, and a number of other industry publications, the much anticipated legislation designed to govern data privacy within online advertising has arrived in the House of Representatives in the form of the "Boucher Bill." Those who back robust rules about data use will likely not be pleased. The displeasure will likely be […]