Monthly Archives: June 2013

A Tale of Customer Data Use Gone Wrong

I recently booked a trip using one of the major travel sites. I was very excited and already packing my bags until I noticed one minor flaw in my confirmation email: I didn’t have hotel confirmation number for the hotel I had booked. Now, booking travel is something I do on a regular basis for […]

Do Not Track June 2013 Updates

Firefox is moving ahead with its plans to block 3rd party cookies. According to InformationWeek, Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich is quoted as saying the company is pushing ahead with the technology in an attempt to “change the dynamic so that trackers behave better.” The exact type of cookies the next version of FireFox will block […]

An Introduction to the Semantic Web

The Web is full of valuable information. There are pages upon pages full of knowledge and all of them are connected to one another with links. The deeper you go, the more you can learn. The problem is, to a computer, this information and all of the links are totally meaningless. Or at least it […]

4 Interesting Things from This Week – June 21, 2013

1. Social Data Are you one of those people (or do you know one) who takes their mobile device everywhere? It doesn’t matter if you’re at a restaurant, the doctor’s office, or waiting in line, you’ll likely be tapping away on your smartphone. New data from Evzdrop shows that every minute there are 347,000 tweets […]

Big Data and Deer Hunting

As calls for the adoption of data-driven marketing methodologies continue, for marketers, it can be a little intimidating. I mean, you have the data… you’re already probably using your data in a limited sense to properly chunk your list into sensible groups for loosely targeted messaging and advertising. The difference between using your basic reporting […]

Tips on the Mobile Version of Your Website

Last week we launched Knotice Mobile View, a free service for marketers to track email opens across device types. According to our own data and that of all industry analysts, the number of people opening emails and engaging with brands via mobile device (phones and tablets) continues to rise. With that in mind (and for […]

The Data Collection Fear: Is it Realistic?

Ever since it was revealed last week that the NSA has been tracking millions of Americans’ cell phone records and Internet data, people have been up in arms – more so than usual. The generation that posts nearly every move they make to social networks now seems to want more privacy. And now it seems […]

Introducing Knotice Mobile View

Today we announced the launch of a cool new tool designed to help marketers get a clear view of email audiences across device types. Knotice is known for its Mobile Email Opens Reports. Now we open that capability up to you, to use for your own campaigns. And the best part? It’s free. Knotice Mobile […]

Three e-Commerce Trends to Watch

Reflecting back on a week spent at the world’s largest e-commerce event, three trends become clear: Mobile, Global, and Specific. Let’s take a closer look at each, and what the speakers and leading experts had to say about them. Trend 1: Mobile Since those long lines to get that first iPhone years ago, mobile has […]

3 Interesting Things from This Week – June 7, 2013

Happy Friday! Here’s a look at some interesting tidbits from this week that you may have missed. Tablets A new forecast from IDC reveals tablets are expected to grow 55.8% year over year in 2013. What’s that mean for marketers? Tablet shipments are going to extend past portable PCs this year, and by 2015 tablet […]