Monthly Archives: August 2009

Consumers Demand Communications Preferences

Forrester Research Principle Analyst Dave Frankland published a report last month entitled, "Marketers: Stop the Abuse&#33 Adopt Preference Management." Frankland highlights the importance of companies taking the necessary steps not just to understand basic product or service consumer needs, but also communications preferences. As Frankland points out, marketers often undervalue understanding a consumer's communications preferences. […]

Behavioral Targeting's New Consumer Perception

A recent article from iMedia's Rich Cherecwich highlights how the swirling rumors and seeming momentum behind the ruin of network behavioral targeting will not come to fruition. Why? Web browsers do not seem to mind. With all of the storm clouds created by various consumer care and privacy groups the crumbling of the potential of […]

Moms Require Relevance and Efficiency Online

Before I had kids, boy could I accessorize. My purse matched my outfit, my fingernails were done just right, and my hair was curled. I was fashionable because I had the time to be fashionable. Now that I have kids… I'm lucky if my two shoes match, much less my purse. Today I even brushed […]

More Mobile Marketing Red Tape… Still Okay?

A couple months ago, I wrote about red tape in mobile marketing. The basic conclusion was that while sometimes it feels evil, it is necessary due to the fact that the mobile delivery channel is proprietary across a few carriers and because messaging bears hard costs for some. Shortly after I wrote that, the CSCA […]

Direct Digital Marketing and Healthcare

Direct digital marketing is popping up in more and more industries, as marketers across a variety of disciplines are seeing the demonstrated value of a relevant marketing communications strategy coordinated between the email, Web, and mobile channels. The latest industry to leverage direct digital marketing for their target audience is the healthcare industry. Before exploring […]

A Surprising, Rising Mobile Marketing Demographic

Once upon a time, not so long ago, it would be hard to fathom a day when all the information a person ever needed would be at their fingertips. For this person, research was conducted at the library (ahh… the handy dandy card catalog), information was obtained by 411 ("city and state, please"), and calls […]

Hey Marketers, Heard of Onsite Targeting Yet?

Look at your website. You have done a great job of cramming everything you can about your company/product/service, and then some, onto your website (nice photo of the family picnic, by the way). Now everyone knows what you do just by visiting your website, right? WRONG. It is great that you're proud of your service […]

A Place Where Kids with Cancer Can be Kids Again

Editor's note: Michaela Margida is one of Knotice's summer interns who specialized in technical writing. She devotes her time to a worthy cause, and we wanted to take a quick break from our usual coverage of direct digital marketing and inform our loyal readers about it! Good luck at school, Michaela! I'd like to tell […]

Triggered Direct Digital Marketing Messages

By now most savvy marketers have some form of triggered communications happening as part of their overall direct digital marketing strategy. Most. For some it is hard to get started, hard to find a way to fit triggered messages conveniently into the overall strategy, or hard to find the budget necessary to implement triggered campaigns […]

Some New Direct Digital Marketing Resources

Mobile marketing is hot. You know that, we know that, and noted mobile marketing expert Kim Dushinski knows it, too. That's why she interviewed one of The Lunch Pail's mobile marketing gurus, Bryce Marshall, for two upcoming episodes of her highly regarded radio show Mobile Presence. While Bryce's "Making Sense of Mobile" series did provide […]