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Quick and Easy Site Personalization with Live Zones

When it comes to website content, live zones are an often under-utilized resource. In simple terms, live zones make it easy for marketers to change content on a website without involving IT. If you’d like more information on how these easy to edit areas of content on a website work, check out this post. The […]

Image is Everything with Online Retail

Image isn’t everything… it’s the only thing. Of course, this is a serious corruption of the classic Vince Lombardi quote on winning, but when it comes to your website and your overall online marketing presence — especially for retailers – image absolutely matters. With this in mind, I always find it interesting to see how […]

Web Opt-Out: What it Means for Content Providers

Behavioral targeting continues to be a primary focus for many marketers. But, with all the recent news surrounding developments with the proposed Do Not Track legislation, some marketers are hesitant to move forward with online targeting efforts. It’s no secret that online privacy is a concern for consumers. Concentri users can address this concern with […]

Three Easy Marketing Ideas for Hoteliers

Despite unpredictable economic conditions, one truth endures for the hospitality industry – there is always room for improvement to the guest experience. Positive statements about “improving the guest experience” are a constant in marketing meetings – but how? Yes, resources are scarce, but investment in the guest experience is paramount, so an efficient and accountable […]

Tips for Onsite Targeting

In most basic terms, onsite targeting is the ability to personalize the online experience using in-house data of site visitors – presenting them with content they might enjoy. The integration of real-time data in a universal profile management system is the key to effective onsite targeting. Site-personalization technology must work within the context of an […]

Direct Digital Marketing Tools for Emergencies

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that things can change in an instant. And in this age of instant information, business owners need to be ready and able to provide immediate updates about conditions affecting their operations. It could be something small like your power being temporarily disrupted. Or, it could be a flood […]

Which Onsite Targeting Approach Works Best?

The term "onsite targeting" is increasingly being adopted by the market. The press has done a nice job of chronicling the path of the term's adoption amongst technologists, and the increasingly warm reception to the technology from consumers. Emily Steel and Julia Angwin, writers for The Wall Street Journal, published an article last week entitled […]

Privacy Law and Direct Digital Marketing Update

The rapid evolution of direct digital marketing, fueled by an intense reliance on data quality and capture, has entangled privacy and marketing, and drawn the attention of powerful lawmakers. It is wise to keep an eye out for any consumer privacy developments on Capitol Hill - especially when the developments may have an impact on […]

3 Basic Mobile Web Considerations

First, a special thank you to Marketing Profs for featuring my recent Lunch Pail article on why marketing organizations are better served by outsourcing their email marketing to email marketing experts. As more communications channels emerge, and marketing organizations get more complex, finding reliable partners to outsource key programs to is absolutely essential. While email […]

Spring Knotice Press Roundup

As regular readers of The Lunch Pail know, every so often we like to take some time to update you on what has been happening here at Knotice. Now that July is upon us and the second quarter of the year has come to an end, it is time again for an update. It has […]