Monthly Archives: June 2011

Tips for Location-Based Marketing, Part 2

Once you are confident you are able to deliver your marketing effort as intended you can look to location to deliver a high degree of relevancy. With all the amazing technological advances today, a human being can still only be in one place at one time, and very often that place ends up carrying with […]

Tips for Location-Based Marketing: Part 1

Marketers today are being impacted by location in ways that many would have never expected. When planning and executing mobile marketing strategies, location plays an inextricably important role. Given the fascination and hype surrounding location-based media options, check-ins, and the like, I’m leaving those targeting topics for another blogger, or at least another day. I […]

Optimizing the Tablet Device Experience

To continue the discussion on table strategy from Wednesday, the last item to consider is what the experience is like on a tablet device. As I mentioned earlier, many standard websites do quite well on tablets, but you still need to test and understand that there are some things that can make your experience turn […]

Do You Need a Tablet Strategy?

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices beyond the smartphone, marketers may wonder if they need a tablet strategy in addition to their existing approach to mobile. The answer is: Yes and No. Getting to the point of justification for a mobile strategy is easy. Just look at the proliferation of smartphones in the market […]

The People Factor of Multichannel

Taking a multi-channel approach to marketing comes down to people. “People” doesn’t mean just the consumer. It also includes your people – teams within your organization, as well as those who interface directly with your customers on a daily basis. Beyond the obvious challenges of bringing multiple channels together for a consistent brand experience (challenges […]

IRCE 2011: Notes from the show

The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (aka IRCE 2011) was fantastic. Thousands of participants, hundreds of vendors, dozens of educational opportunities – it was a massive event, attracting all levels of online ecommerce participants. First, I’ll share my initial impressions below. In future posts I’ll dig into lessons learned at the sessions and on the […]

USPS’ 2D Barcode Promotion: 11 Tips for Success

This spring, the US Postal Service (USPS) announced that it would offer a 3 percent discount on qualifying pieces of direct mail that utilize 2D barcodes. The discount runs from July through August. (The Postal Service — and Knotice (booth #1234) — are among the hundreds of exhibitors at this week’s IRCE conference in San […]

IRCE 2011 Preview

Internet Retailer’s annual conference and exhibition (aka IRCE 2011) begins tomorrow. This year’s event in San Diego is set break an attendance record with over 7,000 retailers, executives, and marketers gathering in the exhibit hall to learn best practices, strategy, and other hot retailing tips. The theme for this year’s event is “E-Commerce Shifts into […]

The Lunch Pail Hits 500

The Lunch Pail approach is all about success that comes with hard work. When we started this blog back in 2008, it was intended to showcase our passion for hard work and the ‘roll up your sleeves’ attitude we have when it comes to powerful direct digital marketing. Its name is a nod to our […]

Playing at Knotice

Knotice continues to grow at an amazing rate – it seems there are three or four new faces being introduced at every company meeting. Because there are so many of us now, maintaining the same close personal relationships across departments is a little harder than it used to be. That’s a natural occurrence no matter […]