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Privacy Perfect

Privacy is one of those concepts that has developed completely new connotations, and caused completely new problems in the digital age. From social networks to micro-blogging to text messaging, we have unparalleled access to information about our friends and colleagues. We marketers also have unparalleled access to information about our consumers. In the words of […]

5 Mistakes That Promote Cart Abandonment (2)

I previously discussed two of the five sure-fire ways eCommerce companies promote shopping card abandonment. Here's the rest of my list (along with a healthy dose of sarcasm). Process Failure 3: Letting your website do everything; after all, human resources are too costly (and so...human!). Many prospects come to websites and get a completely silo'd […]

The Real Horse Power

Lesley Matt knows all about horsepower. But it’s not muscle cars or motorcycles – it’s the real thing. She’s been riding horses since she was six years old. “I got my first horse when I was nine, and started showing competitively when I was ten,” Lesley said. As the events got bigger and the competition […]

5 Mistakes That Promote Cart Abandonment (1)

Economic times are tough right now. But, how does this affect you, the online marketer? Industry trends show that shopping cart abandonment rates are continuing to climb. In total, over my next two posts, I’ll outline five mistakes currently happening in many buy-flow processes that are responsible for fueling this trend. Process Failure 1: Keeping […]

The Future of Online Behavioral Targeting

Last Friday The Lunch Pail's newest contributor did a good job explaining some of the nuances of online behavioral targeting – specifically the differences between network targeting and onsite targeting. These two vastly different applications of tracking technologies are important to understand both morally and tactically. The Senate Commerce Committee is currently debating possible resolutions […]

Is Behavioral Targeting Really Internet Stalking?

Fresh out of college, and with only traditional marketing tools under my belt, I started at Knotice a couple of months ago with only a little bit of knowledge about the digital marketing world. In my first blog meeting, everyone started tossing around the term behavioral targeting, a term I wasn’t completely aware of. The […]

What Makes Good Software Good, Part 2

Tend to Your Marketing Profile Database Your profile database is a living environment composed of dynamic individuals that should be carefully nurtured. Think of your profile environment as more than a series of static lists consisting of a handful of custom fields; it's composed of real people, and should be capable of evolving over time. […]

Email Marketing is a Commodity

We try to make our company blog more about ideas, strategies, tactics and trends. On occasion, however, something happens at Knotice that warrants specific mention, and it just so happens that today is one of those days. Last Friday, July 11, Brian Deagan (our co-founder and CEO for you new readers…welcome! ) had a commentary […]

What Makes Good Software Good, Part 1

Simple Sophistication First-class online marketing software should reflect patterns found in nature. The most important of these patterns is presenting an elegant exterior that veils the tremendous complexity contained within. Marketing professionals are sophisticated users who expect their software to simplify the planning, execution and analysis of complex multi-stage, multi-channel online marketing campaigns. Software developers […]

The Data Is Your Base

It's terrible to watch an idea get squashed. Really, no one wants to watch it happen, and yet we see it everyday. Our best stratagems die a premature death at the hands of our inadequate data and the lack of an appropriate marketing platform to support it. You can put together a consumer-centric, relevant, multi-channel […]