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Developers! Developers! Developers!

A software API can only be great if developers are using it. And developers tend to use and prefer APIs that provide useful, up-to-date and well-rounded documentation. Knotice recently announced the launch of our site specifically for developers, The new site is an extensive resource for integrating with our multichannel marketing software platform, Concentri. […]

What’s a Direct Digital Marketing Software Feature?

There is not yet a whole lot of direct digital marketing focused software in the marketplace. Most that contend for the moniker are really retrofit email marketing platforms that attempt to back in to (or buy up) deeper cross-channel functionality. That, or the players are really database marketing companies where the actual digital execution of […]

Designing to the Device… Apple v. BlackBerry

Even though Google's Android platform is the new kid on the block and has great features like open-source code capabilities along with Google API access, the mobile application market - until recently - has featured only two major device prize-fighters: Apple and BlackBerry. Sorry Microsoft, you are not in contention yet. I do not want […]

Knotice’s Latest Software Release Notes

Since Knotice recently published our latest release notes to our loyal customers we are going to share a brief summary of those notes with our loyal Lunch Pail readers. This space is devoted to tips and tricks on executing great direct digital marketing, so it makes sense to share how direct digital marketing software evolves, […]

Avoiding Mistakes in Technical Project Management

Companies need to adjust quickly in order to be successful. Project drivers need to use new methods to keep up with the fast-paced technology world while maintaining up-to-date priorities, avoiding new mistakes, and not repeating past ones. We all know mistakes will happen on rare occasions, so how they are handled determines a project’s success. […]

April's Top Digital Marketing Trends

Happy May Day, everyone! First things first, thanks to all the loyal readers for making April 2009 a record month, just in time for the Lunch Pail's one year anniversary this month. It was an exciting April here at Knotice (more on that later), but also in the world of digital marketing trends - many […]

Understanding the Basics of Scrum, Part 2

In my last post I broke down the roles and tasks of the Scrum process. Today’s post is part two of Understanding the Basics of Scrum, and will break down the events of Scrum and the role of the task board in the Scrum process. The events of the Scrum process are as follows: Daily […]

Understanding the Basics of Scrum, Part 1

In a previous post I talked about different development processes. In today’s post I am going to focus on one in particular, Scrum. It is growing in popularity, and used by many companies (including us here at Knotice). Scrum is an increment process for developing software. The best way to break it down is to […]

Software Development for the Digital Marketer

Software development. It may seem like magic, but really, it's not. The whole process can sometimes appear to be tossing a cave full strange folks a pile of feature requests. Then they they spend hours, days, weeks, or even years attempting to fulfill your wishes - only to fall short, meet, or exceed your expectations. […]

Relevance and Relative Dates

When we put relative date operations into our software platform, I don't think anyone truly had an appreciation for how powerful they would be. They've been part of the platform for a while now, but it's interesting to see how much steam they've picked up lately with our customers and prospective customers. So, what's a […]