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Wise Words on Content Marketing

I love content marketing. So imagine my schoolgirl giddiness when I had the chance to attend the one and only Content Marketing World this week in Cleveland. With so much excellent content about, well, content, I chose to focus this post on some interesting nuggets of wisdom from Jay Baer from the Tuesday morning opening […]

Marketing is Dead and a New Beast Rises

About a year ago, Bill Lee of Harvard Business Review shook things up, declaring Marketing Is Dead. The traditional role of marketing continues to erode as distracted consumers no longer pay close attention to your campaign brilliance. Traditional mix ingredients such as advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications are now considered parts of a […]

What Marketers Can Learn from a Royal Birth

The world is a-buzz with the excitement of the Royal Birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby. If you think of England’s Royal Family to be a brand (which they are), consider this a new release of the product line. So as you observe the frenzy, consider these lessons we can learn from it […]

Five Tips for a Content Strategy

Back in J-School at Ohio State, my professors hammered home the point that “Copy is king.” Again, when my path went from newspapers to magazines to direct response, it was the same mantra. But 25 years later, it seems that King Copy has an heir to the marketing throne – her name is Content. Even […]

A Good Call-to-Action – How do You Do It?

Click here to learn how to write amazing calls to action! Just kidding. Don’t click here, don’t ever “Click Here”. The Internet has been around long enough that when customers see different-colored text, they’re able to recognize that it’s a link. In fact, “Click Here” is so played out that at Knotice, we’ve considered implementing […]

Content Marketing Mindshift

Content is the latest shiny object for marketers to embrace. Providing your customers with utility or entertaining content can help establish a more visible place for you in the hearts and minds of your audience. And because people are so perpetually connected across multiple devices and platforms, it can be tricky to push messaging out […]

Redefining Roles within Marketing

One overlooked challenge of adopting a customer-centric cross-channel approach for marketing is not technology – it’s people. Teams within your organization are aligned around channel-specific responsibilities. Budgets are designed around channel-specific activities. The traditional funnel concept no longer works, but that doesn’t mean anyone is racing to replace it. I invite you to take a […]

Marketing to the Perpetually Connected Customer

In Los Angeles last week gathered some of the brightest minds in digital for Forrester’s Marketing Leadership Forum 2013. The underlying theme was the “perpetually connected customer.” For these individuals (referred to as “perpetuals”), the use of digital is part of their lifestyle – multiple devices, multiple logins from multiple locations, all day long. In […]

Stop Marketing and Start Connecting

The times change quickly for interactive marketers. In fact, your cross-channel approach may already be outdated. If you’re solely focused on a “digital strategy,” it may be time to replace it with a “connection strategy for a digital world.” I was introduced to this concept while in New York yesterday, spending time discussing new research […]

Fun Facts about Landing Pages

The point of an email or online ad is to get a click. That click will often take you to a landing page. In fact, more than half of top brand marketers include improving landing page visits as a goal. To celebrate landing pages (one of my favorite topics – @LandingPageLady), here are some tips […]