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Industry News Update

As the year comes to a close and marketers are scrambling to wrap up the holiday season and plan for the coming year, here’s an industry news roundup to help you keep on top of the happenings in the marketing world. There never seems to be any shortage of mobile news, so let’s start there. […]

And in an Instant…

…Everything changed. Or did it change after all? By now you’ve heard all about Google’s newest search phenomena, Google Instant. The big question is how this change will impact your own SEO strategy. Sure, when the news first broke, there were the classic “SEO is Dead” blog posts and articles. But now that the dust […]

Dangerous Extremes in Marketing Analysis

Mass marketing is dead. Direct mail is dead. Email marketing is dead. A quick Google search, with each phrase in quotations, yielded 7,050 results, 3,850 results, and 44,300 results respectively. Two quick conclusions can be drawn when analyzing these results. First, the huge disparity between email marketing’s perceived death and the others makes me wonder […]

Budget Increases Point to Mobile Maturation

With today’s economic conditions, it seems like marketers get a steady stream of bad news. Well, perhaps “bad” is too strong… just unfavorable news. Company X is experiencing steep sales declines, Company T must recall hundreds of thousands of cars to make repairs, Company Y is preparing for a substantial set of layoffs. Sometimes even […]

iPad and Direct Digital Marketing

The announcement finally came how and when it was expected. We already knew Apple would be announcing a tablet on January 27, 2010. What we could only speculate on (or hack at with Photoshop), was what it might look like. What would the details and specs be? What will it cost? And, of course, those […]

Smart and Simple Equals Success

The "2010 North American Interactive Marketing Predictions" report was published yesterday by Forrester Research's Shar VanBoskirk. The report costs money, but it's an interesting read packed with plenty of interesting predictions. Without giving anything away, two elements stuck out. The first point of interest, that the report only briefly alluded to, is an overall shift […]

Mobile Shopping's Ugly Truth

It is easy to get carried away in the world of technology marketing, especially within retail. A new technology emerges, the bandwagon fills up, and the sustainability watch begins. Since mobile is the crown jewel of the emerging direct digital marketing pillars, it is interesting to see many solution providers struggling to identify the path […]

More Trend Spotting: Direct Digital Marketing in 2010

Happy New Year, Lunch Pailers! If you are taking a break between football games, thanks for stopping by. On Wednesday I unveiled the first of what I promised would be two interesting trends to evaluate and watch for in direct digital marketing for 2010. The first was the complete mobile marketing solution, rather than the […]

Knotice in USA Today, Mobile Marketer

It stands to reason that soon after I communicate some recent press clippings for The Lunch Pail’s roster of writers that more emerge, and my hand is forced again. This time some major national publications join the ranks of the various industry publications gathering opinions from our experts. Again displaying the flexibility of the direct […]

Marketing Impact in a Multi-Screen World

A recently published research brief from the Center For Media Research, introduced several fascinating cultural shifts in how people in the U.S. consume media. Perhaps the most interesting revelation is the comparison between the second quarter of 2008 (pre-recession) and the second quarter of 2009 (recession). A natural conclusion may be that more consumers watched […]