Monthly Archives: November 2008

Knotice Might Form A Band

I wrote earlier about our own Ron Williams and his background in rock 'n roll, but that's not the whole rocker story for Knotice. Let's face it. If you can handle the bright lights of the stage, you know a thing or two about promoting your image and reaching your fans (read: customers). That means […]

Chris Holmok: Knotice's "Geek 4 Life"

That's quite a fitting moniker for someone who has worked at software and media giants like Microsoft and MySpace. Now that he's returned from the west coast, we're proud to welcome Chris Holmok back to the Knotice family for his second tour of duty. And, you know what? He'll always be our favorite geek. What […]

Pre-Holiday Behavioral Targeting Update

While everyone and their brother is gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I'd like to take a quick detour and share a recent development in the behavioral targeting world. Conversions may be at a premium this holiday season, and behavioral targeting technologies enable many legitimate, helpful online marketing strategies that boost sales by […]

Storing Instead of Schlepping Web Analytics Data

For whatever reason, it's like there is an unwritten law that only web analytics platforms should be able to store web analytics data. Because of this, interactive marketers are faced with the challenge of schlepping the data back and forth to their various systems. This makes no sense. One of the things that makes our […]

CTAM 2008 Recap: Economy, Content and Context

A lot of media and marketing analysts have provided post-game recaps following the CTAM Summit - perhaps more commentary than in years past. What are the takeaways for those of us in the interactive marketing community specifically? Lots of questions, few answers, and an ever-changing media landscape. Are Cable and Broadband companies recession-proof? As much […]

Obama's Online Retention Marketing Dilemma

Barack Obama's presidential campaign broke new marketing ground in its use of online channels to sell the candidate by sharing the vision of the candidate. The campaign used the central positioning statement of "change" as the foundational pitch and exhibited this mantra by interacting effectively through website properties, social networks, video, email and text messaging. […]

Stop Monkeying Around With Form and Survey Data

Forms and surveys don't get much love from interactive marketers. They are usually an afterthought, "Oh yea, we need a form." The degree of thought that goes into the form or the survey usually pertains to what the fields are. Which makes sense - interactive marketers shouldn't care if it's some custom PHP thing or […]

Rascal Flatts Mobile Promotion Runs Flat

Being an avid geek for both music and good marketing, I was really excited about a recent promotion one of my favorite bands did to generate buzz for their upcoming album. However, I was very turned off when their "genius" promotion caused me to become concerned because of a lack of clarity within the promotional […]

Forecasting Online Shopping for the Holidays

It's going to be a tough season for retail. I'm no industry expert, but I think I can say that with a sufficient level of confidence. I'd even bet on it. Stores are already hunkering down for the inevitable, offering deep, pre-season discounts to attract bargain hunters. But what about the online retailers? What does […]

Get Organized With Concentri's New Calendar

Interactive marketers often are juggling a lot of different things. On any given day, week -- let alone month -- there can be a lot going on. It can be difficult to keep everything straight. And, it usually all ends up in an Excel spreadsheet that some lucky individual gets to own. Because of this […]