Monthly Archives: October 2010

The Evolution of HTML5 over Flash

iPhones and iPads do not support Flash. If you ask Steve Jobs why, he will probably say something about HTML5 being open… and the future of the Web… and that Flash is proprietary… and it causes too many system crashes… and so on. So, in order for YouTube to be able to offer its content […]

In-Store or Online, I Just Want to Use My Coupon!

As a shopper extraordinaire, I pride myself on being able to find the best deal on most any item I choose. As part of my savings strategy, I sign up for any and every coupon program I come across. I willingly give out an email address and mobile phone number so that I can receive […]

CTAM: The Age of Multichannel Digital Marketing

I was impressed to find that last week’s CTAM Summit (Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing) provided a healthy amount of digital content that I felt was lacking in years past. The message seemed to be that the importance of digital marketing has finally been embraced by both the cable marketers as well as the […]

Time to Check-In to Location-Based Mobile Marketing

Over the last decade, I’ve viewed location-based mobile marketing as a bit of a George Jetsonian endeavor. Fueled by the personalized window displays in Minority Report, even the most ardent permission-based marketers have sheepishly asked us about the ability to message people on the go, with mobile phones being the logical go-between. With or without […]

Mobile Commerce Forum Highlights

Because I’m a mobile enthusiast, an event solely focused on how mobile is currently impacting commerce is close to nirvana for me. So I was excited to be there with the Knotice team at the Internet Retailer Mobile Commerce Forum in Chicago. Here’s a recap of ideas and trends as discussed by leaders, well-known analysts, […]

Updating the Rules of Mobile Strategy

As I wrote in a recent article for ADOTAS the latest mobile trends are changing the rules for how consumers interact with your brand. It’s a fact of life for today’s marketers: Basic mobile devices are everywhere. Market saturation of Smartphone devices and mobile internet access is quickly approaching. Consumers want to connection and productivity […]

When Should You Introduce an App?

One of the questions I’m asked most often is about apps. I know what I tell customers, but I thought it’d be interesting to ask some of my colleagues here at Knotice. Here’s what they had to say. “The best time to introduce an app is…. “…when your comprehensive mobile marketing plan dictates. There is […]

When to Use a Mobile Template

I’ve been quoting Marshall McLuhan that “the medium is the message” (or perhaps misquoting it), since I read it nearly 20 years ago. But I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right when we talk about when to use mobile templates for email. So using McLuhan as a starting point, what actually is the “medium” of […]

Are Flash Cookies Really Evil?

The new privacy hot topic on the web is Flash cookies. Are they really an evil plot to steal your private information and share it with the world? No, not really. But they certainly are not like regular cookies – and they can do some pretty sneaky stuff. They also are not all that new. […]

Knotice at Upcoming Industry Events

Having just returned from a great Annual Summit in Dallas, October is shaping up to be another busy month for Knotice. Our team is looking forward to attending and exhibiting at Internet Retailer’s first Mobile Commerce Forum in Chicago next week. If you’ll be in attendance, be sure to stop by booth 205 and […]