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Why Marketers Need a DMP

Now that you know what a data management platform (DMP) is, let’s take a look at how you can use it to enrich your customer profiles and enhance the customer experience. Once a robust DMP solution is in place, data from multiple sources comes together to enrich universal profiles within a single unified platform. No […]

Attribution Maturity: Cross-Device Insight

Last week Forrester and the IAB released a report entitled “Digital Attribution Comes of Age” (a PDF can be downloaded from the IAB here. The headline thesis of the report is expressed as The Last-Click Paradigm Erodes as Marketers Turn to Fractional Attribution. Last-click attribution is not entirely trusted widely, but is widely relied upon […]

Lists vs. Profiles

If you’ve ever had the chance to talk to a Knotice employee about Concentri, chances are the term “profile” has come up once or twice. Concentri is what we call a profile driven environment. This means that Concentri houses each individual who interacts with your direct digital marketing as an individual record, or profile. This […]

Key Questions for No-Limits Mobile Strategy

Recently, a colleague and I had a good meeting with a brand marketer. I refer to it as good, not because it advanced to a real business opportunity. I say good because it brought to the surface some of the core elements to how brands should be approaching mobile today. These elements are based on […]

Three Easy Marketing Ideas for Hoteliers

Despite unpredictable economic conditions, one truth endures for the hospitality industry – there is always room for improvement to the guest experience. Positive statements about “improving the guest experience” are a constant in marketing meetings – but how? Yes, resources are scarce, but investment in the guest experience is paramount, so an efficient and accountable […]

Tips for Onsite Targeting

In most basic terms, onsite targeting is the ability to personalize the online experience using in-house data of site visitors – presenting them with content they might enjoy. The integration of real-time data in a universal profile management system is the key to effective onsite targeting. Site-personalization technology must work within the context of an […] The Multichannel Consumer

This year’s Annual Summit is officially underway in Dallas. One of the highlights of the first day was the opening keynote by Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk. Senk noted that today’s consumers are increasingly multichannel, adding that those who shop across three channels are likely to spend six times as much as consumers that […]

3 Basic Mobile Web Considerations

First, a special thank you to Marketing Profs for featuring my recent Lunch Pail article on why marketing organizations are better served by outsourcing their email marketing to email marketing experts. As more communications channels emerge, and marketing organizations get more complex, finding reliable partners to outsource key programs to is absolutely essential. While email […]

Spring Knotice Press Roundup

As regular readers of The Lunch Pail know, every so often we like to take some time to update you on what has been happening here at Knotice. Now that July is upon us and the second quarter of the year has come to an end, it is time again for an update. It has […]

Balancing Engagement and Acquisition in Marketing

For years online retailers have had the pedal to the metal regarding customer acquisition strategies. While attracting new customers is still a primary goal for online retailers, for the first time in several years the balance between customer retention and acquisition is tipped in favor of retention. As a result, marketers must shift strategy - […]