Monthly Archives: February 2009

Obama’s Retention Marketing Dilemma – Update

Shortly after President Obama's election victory I wrote about his upcoming retention marketing dilemma. It's a similar dilemma that many of us in marketing face daily - once the hard fought battle for customer (or voter) acquisition is completed, there is the equally daunting task of retaining that customer. Retention is a thankless, difficult task. […]

Why Paid Search Isn’t Direct Digital Marketing

A few weeks ago Bryce posted an excellent definition of Direct Digital Marketing. Since digital marketing covers a wide swath of online marketing practices (everything from email marketing to bid management, for example), it's important to occasionally take time to highlight various aspects of digital marketing that are sometimes confused with Direct Digital Marketing. One […]

Software Development for the Digital Marketer

Software development. It may seem like magic, but really, it's not. The whole process can sometimes appear to be tossing a cave full strange folks a pile of feature requests. Then they they spend hours, days, weeks, or even years attempting to fulfill your wishes - only to fall short, meet, or exceed your expectations. […]

Who Shops At The Digital Mall?

Who exactly is shopping online? Currently, the Millennial generation easily dominates the world of Internet users. But, what are they spending all of their online time doing? Recently, it was brought to my attention that Millennial may not be the generation of online shoppers that marketers may think that they are. So, I did some […]

Email Marketing Industry Trends

It would not be right or fair for this post to simply recap Forrester Research's new report, Your Email Marketing Road Map for 2009 (registration required), released today. The author, Julie Katz, covers a lot of ground in it, provides quantitative support for her findings, and provides a top 10 list (who doesn’t love a […]

Role Playing With Email Marketing

You're an educated digital marketer. You've done all the research and read all the insights. But, do you always pay attention or remember what it's like to be the consumer on the receiving end of an email? How many emails do you receive from companies on a given day? How many do you open? How […]

Realization of Relevance

This week I discussed the human and organizational barriers to relevance as a digital marketing strategy, the necessary categorical shift in approach and thought-culture, and who needs to hurdle those barriers. I also commented on the potential return - in revenue and brand equity - for implementing relevance as a central component of your digital […]

The Return On Relevance (ROR)

On Monday I talked about the barriers to relevance - those human and organizational tendencies that get in the way of an operational shift that embraces a strategy of relevance over broadcasting in consumer communications. What I pre-supposed is that relevance is worthwhile. I.e., that it's profitable. And, that it's more profitable than a broadcast […]

The Reality of Relevance – 5 Barriers to Adoption

Today I am kicking off a 3-part series focused on the concept of relevance in online marketing. Today: The Reality of Relevance – 5 Barriers to Adoption Wednesday: The Return on Relevance Friday: The Realization of Relevance In this installment I’ll focus on the reality of relevance, as currently in the day-to-day operations of an […]

Buzz Words Demystified! Episode 3: RIA

In previous buzz word posts I covered how Web 2.0 and AJAX are making the Web a more interactive and engaging experience. But, to be honest, plain-old HTML and JavaScript do have some limitations. Web browsers don't comply with standards so it's difficult to make a website look the same in every browser. Also, these […]