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Interesting Things from This Week – July 12, 2013

1. Online Behavior – Some new research reveals 45% of consumers aged 18-35 spent an hour each day online checking out retail-oriented sites. Interestingly, men were more likely than women to spend an hour each day looking for deals. What are these folks purchasing online? Electronics and sports equipment/accessories, while 50% reported researching electronics online […]

Customer Targeting is for the Dogs

These days, pets are treated more like children than animals. With the pet industry growing more and more each year (expected to be $53 billion in 2012) not only is the opportunity to target pet owners growing, the opportunity to target pets themselves is growing as well. I myself have a fur-baby, Sparty. Sparty often […]

Useful Stats for the Holiday Shopping Season

Black Friday and the holiday shopping season will be here before we know it. (39 days for those keeping track.) To help you get in the holiday spirit (if you’re not already there), I want to share a few nuggets of information about this year’s holiday shopping forecast. Online Holiday Sales are Forecast to Grow […]

Taking a “Life Approach” to Retail Marketing

Many marketing prognosticators and analysts have shared the view that interactive marketing will intensify the focus on the wants, needs, demands of each consumer as an individual – not as groups. Instead of lists, retail marketers must look at lives – meaning that list building as a numbers game becomes antiquated, replaced by more relevant […]

Smarter Marketing with Digital Intelligence

In the coming months, it’s the data that will make the difference, especially when it’s applied to marketing activity across channels. While enterprise-sized corporations wrestle with internal issues and long-held channel-specific messaging strategies, the nimble mid-sized marketers instead can swiftly rise above the fray and respond to what the market demands. It’s a great time […]

Online Retail Forecast is Sunny

I find it interesting how consumers, who just a few years ago were afraid to type a card number into a computer, are now embracing the eCommerce like never before. On Monday, Forrester Research Inc. released its “US Online Retail Forecast, 2011 To 2016” report (by analyst Sucharita Mulpara). Things look good. eCommerce sales topped […]

A Closer Look at Some Mobile Advice

In the recent issue of Integrated Solutions for Retailers, Frederick’s of Hollywood is profiled with their approach to mobile and ecommerce. It’s worth reading. But when you dig deeper into the article, you witness the potentially conflicting advice of integration of channels that I thought was worth sharing with you. In the section “Three Components […]

Preparing for Black Friday 2011

It’s almost turkey time, which means Black Friday is just around the corner. This year more and more retailers are planning to begin their Black Friday sales on earlier (maybe to give you a chance to burn off all that food?). While many stores will open their doors at midnight on Friday, Walmart will be […]

Anticipation of Innovation on Retail and Lifestyles

Historic Boston with its monuments, cobblestones and charm provides on poignant backdrop to the forward-thinking spectacle that is the 2011 Annual Summit. Hundreds of retailers pack the convention center this week, soaking up information to help them better position themselves within the digital marketing channels currently available to them – and those to come. […]

Do You Need a Tablet Strategy?

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices beyond the smartphone, marketers may wonder if they need a tablet strategy in addition to their existing approach to mobile. The answer is: Yes and No. Getting to the point of justification for a mobile strategy is easy. Just look at the proliferation of smartphones in the market […]