Monthly Archives: January 2013

Email List Cleaning Gets Dirty

I love email. I guess you might say that I’m an email hoarder. I study them. I save the good ones as a “swipe file” to refer to for campaign inspiration. And sometimes I actually just enjoy keeping in touch with my favorite brands. However, I’m seeing a disturbing trend. In the past few of […]

Linking Offline Behavior through Email Receipts

For many businesses, customers are shopping and buying through their branded website, branded retail stores, or through catalogs and call centers. Trying to identify and understand customers who utilize the offline buying options has been far more difficult to track. Consider what percent of all retail transactions include a loyalty card or a coupon code. […]

A Mulitchannel View of the Customer Through Email

On Wednesday I wrote about how it’s email address that is the linchpin for linking consumer activity data across channels and devices, and integrating the intelligence of disparate business systems. Now, let’s look at some examples of how this works: Knotice’s ESP customers enjoy two unique features: When the email recipient opens the email, our […]

The Glue of Great Universal Profile Data Management

Knotice develops its platform and services to empower online marketers to better engage with their multi-channel, multi-device audiences. The foundation of better engagement with these audiences is data management, or in Knotice parlance Universal Profile Management (UPM). There are two fundamental objectives of UPM: • Utilize profile-based data management methods (online and offline attributes and […]

Social Sign In and the Importance of Privacy Rules

Late last week, eMarketer shared an interesting report from social infrastructure provider (and Knotice partner), Gigya. The use of permission-based social data provides a wealth of opportunities for marketers and provides consumers with the customized, personal experiences they demand. However, Gigya reports that many consumers are wary of the social sign-in function that appears on […]

My Little Digital Natives

Last week my wife called me during a meeting, which means it must be urgent. Our two-and-a-half-year-old son, Joe, quickly got on the line, anxious to tell me something. “Daddy, get Gabby a iPad!!” Gabby is his little sister. At 18 months, she’s ready for a tablet. When I first introduced Joe to my iPad […]

State of Online Retail in 2013

A few days ago, and Forrester teamed up to release the report “The State of Retailing Online 2013: Key Metrics and Initiatives.” It’s full of great information. If you’re a member of, you can get your copy here: Here are three interesting takeaways: It’s All About Mobile Mobile is big and continues […]

A Few Mobile Predictions for 2013

It goes without saying that email marketing is a reliable generator of ROI for most marketers. If you’re looking to boost that return on investment, you should embrace email as a viable mobile tactic in 2013. Over the past two years, we’ve published several studies that look at billions of emails across numerous verticals. (Take […]

CES Roundup 2013: Trend Watch

This week the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas came to an end. It is without a doubt one of my favorite times of the year, but lately I am having a hard time keeping my excitement up. Last year I noted in my round up the lack of groundbreaking product / innovation announcements […]

Responsive Email Design: The Basics

As mobile technology continues to gain traction as a viable way for customers to access content wherever and whenever they want, smart marketers are following the trend by creating and designing emails that work beautifully not only on a desktop screen, but also on a mobile device. Responsive email design can be a tremendously effective […]