Monthly Archives: July 2010

What’s a Direct Digital Marketing Software Feature?

There is not yet a whole lot of direct digital marketing focused software in the marketplace. Most that contend for the moniker are really retrofit email marketing platforms that attempt to back in to (or buy up) deeper cross-channel functionality. That, or the players are really database marketing companies where the actual digital execution of […]

How Mobile Analytics Changed Email Strategy

Today is a big day at Knotice, as the public announcement of some shiny new software features was announced. If you have not yet had the chance to check out the information about the updates to the software, please do. There are a number of enhancements, especially regarding Knotice’s overall mobile marketing capabilities. Since I […]

Overcoming Mobile Coupon Challenges

In the last two weeks stories have begun to trickle into the mobile marketing trade media that call into question the viability of mobile couponing. The first piece was penned by ReadWriteWeb writer Sarah Perez. The second was written by Chris Brassington, CEO of Starfish Consultants. Two articles lay out several different reasons for why […]

Live Mobile Polling

The direct digital marketing industry is in the midst of event season. There is a wide array of events ranging from email marketing to online retail to mobile commerce happening in the coming months. One of the trends in B2B events that Knotice has recognized recently has been the addition of live mobile polling to […]

Privacy Law and Direct Digital Marketing Update

The rapid evolution of direct digital marketing, fueled by an intense reliance on data quality and capture, has entangled privacy and marketing, and drawn the attention of powerful lawmakers. It is wise to keep an eye out for any consumer privacy developments on Capitol Hill - especially when the developments may have an impact on […]

Landing Page Optimization Resources

It’s no secret that landing page optimization is a hot topic in direct digital marketing right now. Marketers are constantly looking for landing page optimization updates and innovations. Here are two new resources that outline simple ways to make landing page optimization practical and flexible. Lunch Pail contributor Lesley Matt provides an overview of how […]

User-Generated Content Matters

I will guess that many of you who read this post’s headline muttered, "duh" under your breath. And, you're right. The statement is seemingly self-evident. There are very smart people, however, who are still skeptical that user-generated content matters. If you ever find yourself in an argument with a marketer who dislikes user-generated content (yes, […]

2D Mobile Tagging Recommendation

Which technology does Knotice recommend? The answer here gets only slightly clearer. In most cases Knotice recommends Microsoft Tag, and here’s why – it’s all about the consumer. Right now, at the moment I’m writing this, Microsoft Tag provides the simplest, cleanest, and most straightforward solution for getting the tag reader application onto consumers’ mobile […]

2D Mobile Tagging Updated Overview

Over the last year or so we’ve devoted a few posts in The Lunch Pail to discussion of 2-dimensional barcoding. We’ve explained the basic technology framework, and how it is applied. We’ve compared these technologies to each other and compared these technologies to other alternatives for linking physical and online experiences through the mobile phone. […]

Identifying a Good Mobile Strategist

Recently I wrote about how a complete mobile strategy is not optional for marketers expecting success. At the heart of that strategy must be a complete understanding of everything that is possible through the mobile marketing channel. Understanding the landscape and the audience come first and second, then developing a strategy tailored to specific business […]