Monthly Archives: January 2010

iPad and Direct Digital Marketing

The announcement finally came how and when it was expected. We already knew Apple would be announcing a tablet on January 27, 2010. What we could only speculate on (or hack at with Photoshop), was what it might look like. What would the details and specs be? What will it cost? And, of course, those […]

Calling All Mobile Actions - A Survey

Everyone within the direct digital marketing industry is aware of the well-documented promise of mobile marketing, and the various functional definitions of it. While the various campaigns and programs possible under the umbrella of mobile marketing are enough for ten year's worth of articles, the key to success with mobile - or any type of […]

Onsite Targeting's Safe Effectiveness

The debate about the value of all types of behavioral targeting continues to rage in the Beltway. One extremely interesting article published last week by ClickZ's Kate Kaye does some digging into how Capitol Hill works as it pertains to this hot issue in the online marketing space. Kaye uncovers the work being done by […]

What Direct Digital Marketing Looks Like

I obviously write a lot about direct digital marketing in this space, the philosophies behind it, how to properly execute various aspects of it, channel prioritization, the general approach, and how to coordinate communications to maximize results. None of those elements are difficult to understand or even intimidating. But, a picture is worth a thousand […]

Hotels are Expanding, But Must Fill Beds

For folks who are not regular readers of the New York Times (and paying for being a regular reader online will soon be mandatory) an interesting story popped up about the ongoing expansion for hotels despite unfavorable economic conditions in the publication's business section on Monday from writer Jane Levere. At a time when seemingly […]

The Changing Role of Mass Marketing

Audience is becoming an increasingly specialized term. With so many opportunities and channels for consumers to interact with media - and content specialization rampant from cable TV to the Internet - “mass” marketing is becoming a difficult and expense endeavor. "The Future of Media Measurement," a recent Forrester Research report from David Cooperstein, forecasts some […]

Growth For Akron, Ohio, Knotice

For Akron, Ohio, the transition from Rubber Capital to something else has been gradual. Once a thriving centerpiece of industry in the United States, many rubber companies have moved from the region, though Goodyear remains. The legacy of rubber is still all over the city. In fact, I am writing and posting this article in […]

Smart and Simple Equals Success

The "2010 North American Interactive Marketing Predictions" report was published yesterday by Forrester Research's Shar VanBoskirk. The report costs money, but it's an interesting read packed with plenty of interesting predictions. Without giving anything away, two elements stuck out. The first point of interest, that the report only briefly alluded to, is an overall shift […]

Football Improves Marketing Data

Though including the elements of personalization and relevance - as powered by quality data - in direct digital marketing campaigns seems to be a given for many, adoption of those two foundational elements lags. Research from many different organizations and perspectives consistently shows that consumers respond to relevant messages on their mobile device, to relevant […]

Wise Marketing Investments for 2010

I have scoured the industry news wires this week and discovered two pieces that portend good things for direct digital marketing. One of the key outcomes of successful direct digital marketing - besides the obvious outcomes like lift in sales volume - is the dramatic improvements that are made to the overall consumer experience through […]