Monthly Archives: March 2010

Retailer Proves Direct Digital Marketing Impact

Some time ago I shared some insights from a keynote I attended that was delivered by Williams-Sonoma Chief Marketing Officer Patrick Connolly. In the keynote, Connolly time and again alluded to the importance of direct digital marketing and communicating directly with consumers. From his marketing perspective he favored direct digital communications because of how effective […]

Statistically Proving Onsite Targeting Value

As behavioral targeting continues to grow in both practice and popularity - both in onsite and network form - it is interesting to reflect on the fact that very little measurement has been done to provide statistical evidence of success. So, it is easy to see why today's eMarketer newsletter is getting some buzz. According […]

Award Winning Direct Digital Marketing

As The Lunch Pail’s Editor-in-Chief Josh Gordon mentioned earlier, direct digital marketing is garnering attention throughout the marketing industry. Companies from several different industries have shared direct digital marketing success stories and highly respected publications like 1to1 Media and Mobile Marketer have highlighted direct digital marketing’s flexibility. If you are interested in reading more about […]

Who Uses Direct Digital Marketing

It makes sense from time to time here at The Lunch Pail to review not only what's happening with Knotice and how we do direct digital marketing, but also take a look at how the industry as a whole is adopting direct digital marketing. There are generally two ways to secondarily measure how important the […]

Target’s Mobile Marketing Disconnect

I do not want to become known as a Target hater. In fact, I really enjoy Target. Target is a strong brand, and the shopping experience is as enjoyable as it is frequent for both me and my wife. But as a direct digital marketing professional I cannot help but notice room for improvement in […]

Mobile Marketing, A Consumer’s View

Since I am entrenched in the direct digital marketing space, and love the opportunity to get a good shopping deal, I take part in every mobile promotion I come across for any store I can find. I opt in to mobile campaigns just to see the different ways companies use mobile to promote their products […]

Who Visits My Site From the Mobile Web?

When speaking with prospective Knotice customers it seems one of the first questions we get when discussing projects involving the mobile Web is, "What is the easiest way to figure out if people are actually viewing my website on a mobile browser?" Right now Web analytics platforms have not completely evolved to the point where […]

Target’s Rocky Mobile Start

I think a lot of folks in the direct digital marketing business - especially within the mobile concentration - were excited to see a big box retailer like Target announce a foray into mobile marketing. A great deal of opportunity exists in the marketplace as adoption continues to increase from a consumer perspective. More, carrier […]

Simple, Practical Direct Digital Marketing

Every so often it makes sense to roll up our sleeves here at The Lunch Pail and remind folks that while the ever-growing world of direct digital marketing can sometimes seem intimidating, there is a practical voice. After attending the NRF's conference last week and talking to some research analysts, it seems clear that there […]

Mobile Marketing Programs for Retailers

Motorola recently released a study indicating that 51 percent of consumers worldwide used their mobile device to help make purchase decisions while shopping at retail stores during the 2009 holiday shopping season. As more and more consumers adopt feature-rich mobile devices, your shoppers will increasingly demand access to information, videos, and discounts at the point […]