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Some Keys to Geography-Based Mobile Marketing

In many respects, geography-based solutions are the holy grail of mobile marketing. The potential is huge. There's been enormous progress in making it a reality, but marketers also have to look at what's practical today and how best to invest in this promising channel. For geography-based mobile marketing to really take off, there are still […]

More Cool Technology, Right Here In Akron

Happy Friday. As summer ends and fall begins, there are happenings all over this great state, but in our own backyard, there are some pretty big things… Remember those funny little cars from the movie Austin Powers: Goldmember? Well, if you've ever wondered what they were or where they came from, look no further. At […]

Cross-Channel Online Marketing on RSS Ray

As I mentioned a couple of times before, Brian Deagan, Knotice's CEO, will be appearing on RSS Ray's radio program today to discuss how to "Integrate Your Digital Marketing Channels to Create the Ideal Online Consumer Experience." You can hear RSS Ray's interview with Brian today (9/24/08) at 6 pm EST, 3 pm PST on […]

Wrapping Up's Annual Summit 08

Everyone has returned safe and sound from's Annual Summit 2008 in Las Vegas and are back to work today. (I wish I could say the same for our booth cases…thanks a lot, Champion.) We had a great time out in Vegas and enjoyed meeting with everyone and chatting it up about the industry and, […] -- Targeting, the War Over Data

Hands down, my favorite aspect of the show (besides Rock Band...I had a feeling online retailers were all latent rockers) was Tuesday' s round table entitled "Privacy and Behavioral Targeting: A Capitol Hill Perspective." I attended for a couple of reasons. First, Knotice does have an interest in the future of BT because it is […] -- The State Of Retailing Online

I had the opportunity to attend Senior Forrester Research Analyst Sucharita Mulpuru's "State of Retailing Online" address again this year. As usual, she has a fascinating take on what retailers are facing now, why they’re facing it, and what they can do about it. As can be expected, the economy was a central point of […] Day 2 -- Preview

I'm a pretty busy guy again today. I'm hitting the keynote from Forrester Research Senior Analyst Sucharita Mulpuru in the morning. She's giving her annual "The State of Retailing Online" address, which is always helpful and informative for our retail clients and clients that aren't considered retail, but adopt that approach to their online marketing. […] -- Emerging Retail Technologies

In the afternoon I attended a session that attempted to define current emerging technology trends in retail interactive marketing. I choose the words carefully because I wasn't convinced that all of these technologies were necessarily emerging. I feel some of them have been in market for a while, and, if anything, there is a struggle […] -- Net Generation

Don Tapscott, generational marketing expert and author of Wikinomics, gave a very compelling keynote address that defined what to this point has been a bit of an enigma. Some call them Millennials (including us!), some call them Gen Y. He argues that Millennials doesn't make sense as a name because it's a label that is […] Day 1, Part 1

There's a lot going on at the show here this morning, and the Expo Hall isn't even open yet. George Jones, the President and CEO of Borders is speaking right now. I'm sitting in the WiFi hot spot area plotting my day. The hot spot is on the other side of the hall here, but […]