Monthly Archives: February 2010

The Professional Influence Audit

Do not be scared by the word audit. Sometimes audits, in the right context of course, are a good thing because they freshen thinking and renew perspective. It makes sense to take a step back from the daily grind and constant push of a fast-paced career in marketing to review what content, and which people, […]

An Updated Guide to Twitter

Not surprisingly, a lot has been happening in the Twitter world since Lesley Matt, another Lunch Pail contributor, wrote a beginner’s guide to Twitter a few months ago. In fact, 50 million tweets per day fly through Twitter’s network. To put that in perspective, Twitter saw only 35 million tweets per day in 2009. With […]

Making A Case For Mobile Marketing

I was interested, and somewhat surprised, to read a recent article in Marketing Profs about how marketers are generally enthusiastic about mobile marketing, but reticent to fully embrace it because of doubts surrounding ROI. The ROI doubts lead directly to the inability to make a successful case to management about why mobile marketing is so […]

The Inconsistent Marketing Trade-Off

I recently wrote about the differences between marketing integration and marketing connection… that is, trying to cobble together disparate databases and communications software platforms in hopes of being more relevant when serving content to customers and prospects. I call this situation the Integration versus Connection Battle. Integration is time-consuming, expensive, and ultimately does not scale […]

Direct Digital Marketing on RSS Ray

Josh Gordon, Knotice’s Director of Marketing, will be appearing on RSS Ray’s radio program today to discuss the emerging impact of direct digital marketing. You can hear RSS Ray’s interview with Josh today (2 /17) at 1:30 p.m. EST on wsRadio. The show is also rebroadcast as a podcast. Search iTunes and you’ll find it. […]

CMOs Love Direct Digital Marketing

The life of a company Chief Marketing Officer is not an easy one. Three years ago the duration of a professional in the CMO position was estimated at 22 months. In a world of ever-evolving technology and new channels to promote customer engagement through, this figure has not budged much. The life of a CMO […]

What Makes the Mobile Web So Great, Anyway?

Everyone in the direct digital marketing/online/interactive/integrated marketing industry knows that mobile marketing is growing in importance. Certainly we have devoted a lot of pixels to that topic on The Lunch Pail. Between the growing adoption of various uses of the mobile device by consumers and the increasing trust of the mobile channel by marketers, mobile […]

Budget Increases Point to Mobile Maturation

With today’s economic conditions, it seems like marketers get a steady stream of bad news. Well, perhaps “bad” is too strong… just unfavorable news. Company X is experiencing steep sales declines, Company T must recall hundreds of thousands of cars to make repairs, Company Y is preparing for a substantial set of layoffs. Sometimes even […]

Marshalling Mobile Marketing Resources

Many of you are already familiar with Knotice's Director of Strategic Services, Bryce Marshall from his acclaimed mobile marketing white paper entitled, "Making Sense of Mobile Marketing." It is recommended reading for anyone unfamiliar with how to begin thinking about mobile marketing, or how to lay out a winning strategy. Like many other marketing initiatives, […]

Mobile Marketing Research Gap

An exhaustive search of mobile marketing industry publications, several phone calls and emails to carriers and industry associations, and an extensive search of research reports and statistics from research firms reveals plenty of data supporting the value of mobile marketing. Reports and research on everything from the proven effectiveness of SMS to predicted app usage […]